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later, Big Spank got killed
And I got robbed, and Ronnie got shot
And I bought my first tape by 2Pac
And I got hard, cause I was smart
I knew that
Drop top, she was rockin the 2Pac
Said, "Yo D, not me, whatchu got?"
D said, "She's a vivrant thang..
vivrant thang, vivrant thang"

to wish that I was 2Pac
Then I realized that might get you shot
Figured I just gonna be myself though
Niggas hate me, Documentary on they shelf though
Vamoose like 2pac
Suicidal tendencies, down to white Hennessy
Look in the book, I'm the definition of menace b
Chokin' niggas out for no reason, it's
I'mma everyday struggle 'til I get to the top
I study Em, BIG, Tech N9ne, 2Pac
Come to my crib unannounced I got a big t-tato pie
Hopped up 9.
Yeah you rest in peace Carrie, Wally, Easy, Terry and Vu,
Baby Boy, Uncle Charles, Biggie and 2pac remember I'm with you
Got shit to do so you
Yeah you rest in peace Carrie, Wally, Easy, Terry and Vu,
Baby Boy, Uncle Charles, Biggie and 2pac remember I'm with you
Got shit to do so you blowin?
my nigga seeing 6 figures
Black bottles popping when I'm on the turf
Two private Jets what this nigga's worth

Atlanta, Miami, Rosé
We like 2Pac
despise, look in my eyes

We tradin' war stories

War stories nigga
What players do
Thug Life, Outlaw Immortalz
Motherfucking 2Pac a.k.a. Makaveli
Can you
Ima hold it down for you...
(uh, uh, uh...)
(already like 2pac said, I don't wanna be yo man I wanna be yo nigga)
Cause you know my love is
was Diddy
When it came to the music then she got real picky
From New York, but preferred 2Pac over Biggie
No disrespect to Ms. Wallace, but she liked
If you mothafuckers want Shady
And ja said he shall be the lost begotten seed of 2pac
To lead this industry into the ways of the man
The generation of people that love 2Pac
And hate, we bangin' it in the boondocks
Now put your drink in the air if you ain't scared
Dem folks been
Is it that nobody calls? 
I want to be like Big Pun 
So you can call me Big Papa 
Walking with 2Pac 
Motherfuckers why que pasa 
I feel like
a bitch 
I'll dare ya ass to try to run that 2PAC shit 

I goes high-ho silver like the fuckin' Moan Ranger 
Playin' here's out my dick inside a total
through traffic with 2Pac blastin'
With a bitch that's irritatin' from all these questions she askin'
Like what bitches I fucked, when, how and where
How can Lynch be wrong?
How can 2Pac be wrong? Bitch!

Come gangsta
Throw your rags in the air
And know that nobody there
Will compare to your
2Pac lives, when I talk shit solo start tonight inside audience
Throwin' shots but they always miss
Real nigga like a Saudi prince, my nigga AK took it
my adversaries they don't understand what we go through
To become a man, we sheddin tattoed tears

Chorus: 2Pac + Young Noble

I said many times
Forget the BS, you wanna be Ces?
You better OD until you DOA
In a minute we gone, it couldn't be that we on
The next shit that we own and we don't
Whatchu talkin bout?

Yo, you gettin stomped by the marching band
Keep 'em shook like spray cans (it's so hot)
It's so hot it'll make your face
Life trap get crossed up by them dog hoes 
Like shit get masked out over dog hoes 
Really doe 
Bullet holes be so big 
Innocent bystanders get
by the bell
You know that sloppy face, that's a crooked occupation
I'm wearing a crooked Ferragamo belt
I'm looking for Tatyana Ali, to get my jockey