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I've got my own moral compass to steer by
A guiding star beats a spirit in the sky
And all the preaching voices
Empty vessels of dreams so loud
necks in a noose

Martyrs of freedom, freedom condemned
But Jah Jah cut them loose. Hen heh
Prophesised that, we would suffer by
Those who think
You know this,have faith in spring
And in above and everything
Keep the curtains open
Push the window wide
Let the early morning tumble inside
( Paul ) 

Thou shalt never love another 
And stand by me all the while 
Take happiness with the heartache 
And go through love wearing a smile
of the sun
Will shine right through
And never a moment
Comes too soon
As the first sign of spring

Air is getting warmer
By the day
As the thaw begins
silhouette of trodden faith 
Nor death shall not my step be guide 
I'll pirouette upon my grave 
For in Your path I'll run and hide 

Oh gaze
quite taken in by it all
Till her brother came in the Spring
And he took her back to St. Paul

I don't go down to Jackson
Ain't nothing there but
mothers bear children martyrs of greed bitter love
While the so called chosen make war
So many suffer in the name of god their faith at a closed door
at Christmastime
He knew the seasons to the day
Knew Paul and peter by first name
He could answer any question he was asked
With the family bible
of the sacred and profane 
For science, in service of the faith 
But who will bear the mark of Cain?
of sighs
All their pain bears their name
Ignorance dies by its own lies
Tears of indignation
Crying under Apollyon's sun
In faith for love
Our house ain't a home no more 
Still my faith's unshaken in god 

I dream I get a record deal 
I'll buy a way out of here 
Or maybe a new Lexus
The truth is in the pages, 
all else is false.


Chasing the rainbow, 
the sign of Gods Grace
never be destroyed by floods, 
rolling down
In the spring of 1519 a Spanish fleet set sail
Cortez told his sailors this mission must not fail
On the eastern shore of Mexico they landed with
counting the miles
To the four corners of the world
Spring is rusted shut, (faith's) coiled and cracked
Apparitions worth their weight in gold
Bop Boppin' Bumble Bees Buzzin'

Words & Music by Erika Paul
From the cd entitled, "Scat's My Bag"

Spring is finally here
All the flowers are
And when the day begins I need her to begin me
She's hell-for-leather when I let her see what's in me
It's so addicting there's no predicting
She's right there in front of the Chick Fil-A stall
Day after Thanksgiving at the Middletown Mall

Paul's a young husband, he's just out of school
counting the miles
To the four corners of the world
Spring is rusted shut, (faith's) coiled and cracked
Apparitions worth their weight in gold

Words & Music by Erika Paul
From the cd entitled,
"Adolescent Drama - Six Originals From The Residency Play, 'Stackin' The Odds'"
me love, give me hope, give me faith
Give me all of your dreams
Now there's joy everywhere in my heart
And it feels like Spring
Where did you go?
[D.J. Paul]
You dealing with some thugs
who like to hit it from the back (back)
with no kind of springs attached
what you think about that
Hands that are strong but wrinkled
Doing work that never gets done
Hair, that's lost some of the beauty
By too many hours in the sun

Eyes, that
I saw a special depth of soul in her eyes 
As she looked through me and she just passed me by
To glad-hand some minor starlet and I 
Got in my car
of grain
You watered, you tried to do your darnedest, all in vain
If as great a faith as Paul's can follow after Saul
Then there's hope for someone out there