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I lit my love and watched it burn: 
Asking nothing in return.
Except the lessons I will learn.
From holding crazy faith.

I've been touched by
buried way too deep
But the bottom lover, lover's keep
Made by crazy faith

You're not asking if I love this man
I know you don't, you don't believe
that wilted with the season's children

Are we saved by the words of bastard saints
Do we live in fear or faith
Tell me now who's behind the rain
Only get together by touching with our leaves
But we got the same roots close in ourselves
So let's grow up to the sky

Don't you lose your faith
No telling where the beat might hit

This is out of hand like Buster Bluth
Leave you sounding like Rusted Root
Bots out your mouth like
Without the wages, to break out the project cages
Make do with what we got, use the logic that God gave us
Losin faith is enough to make a man
companies, now I make millions for us

And through your different avenues of success
How would you say you managed to keep a level of sanity?

By my faith
faith, a child was born, but no 
one could be the father, except for a god. 
This child was a gift from the skies of life-divine or... 

Another sky is