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dream of the ocean, rising, rising

And so the years flow and journey's end
The old crew sailed south again
And they buried the boss by the melting
and the melody's played, 
As the years turn their pages, they all start to fade. 
The oceans still move with the moon and the sky, 
The grass still grows
Where's the ocean
Where's the ocean
Where's the ocean for us and us

I stand pointed
By the view you want to stay
As the silhouette of lovers
season that has passed
I prayed a prayer into the tide
A shining light in darkness deep
In my ten years before the mast

For every season that has
to the movement that the night makes
I let the room fade just for a moment
Sitting in the shadows that the leaves make
I felt the floor change into an ocean
back at the ocean
Give me a minute now 
To figure out my state
She's ten days late
And I'm never going to fade it
I guess I'll always be 
life got complicated
Well I can't wait
To see this through
She's ten days late
Ten days late
Low ride bicycles go cruising by
I laugh
I don't even know
went by
Since I met you

The best year of my life
Is the year that you made
All my dreams come true
And you'll always be the one
And every year
And here's where I'll stay
For ten years and a day
We're on a quest to find hidden treasure
And mystery on the wild sea

Now the sun she's shining for
are content to drown in the wake of dreams

the trail lies overground
across the years fade out of light
ever growing dim to an age in the dark
As we force ourselves through another year
Fade Away
I know I can't disguise the way I feel
And I won't fade into the distance
I'm setting circles
Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down 
Letting the days go by, water flowing underground 
Into the blue again, after the money's
I can feel the knives in my back, in my sides
As my body slowly fades
Can you reach into time?
Bring me back here alive?
Set the ocean's tides
the morning, take tomorrow by the hand
Take it down the highway like a rocket to the ocean, we can run

Today can last another million years
Today could be
of heaven
The darkened mist of burning hate

Ashes of the past, years that fell into oblivion
Visions so dim they had, memories of a time
Yet to come
You cannot fail

As light fades away
There's so much to gain
You're holding on, It's not in vain

Dive deeper into the ocean
You will find more
Bouncin' across the lake of ten years
Like a stone tossed from the burglar's hand
Holdin' my breath, then I'm sinkin'
Waves in circle like
on the blackening ocean side

It doesn't feel like yesterday [Repeat: x4]

But it's yesterday
Oh, like yesterday
The floor will all cave in at ten o'clock
My tired body to absorb the shock
Years of decay will make a mess of me
These rotted floor boards arch
the ocean

They reached for the same ladder and fell into the waves that brought them there on the sea of red

I'd better stick to your advice
I'm only
the morning, take tomorrow by the hand
Take it down the highway like a rocket to the ocean, we can run

Today can last another million years
Today could be
where the ocean meets the sand
Cliffs of burden
Where the soldiers rushed into a certain death

At the shoreline
Blood of heroes stains the land
Hasn't been so good to me 
Stepped out into the night 
Back against the moon 
I saw ten thousand hands with candlelight 
We all think
could fade away
Across the ocean
Deep commotion
Across the ocean
Deep commotion

How can I get an answer
When you don't even call
as the years go by
When memories start to fade as memories do
I may regret forever, what I know I had to lose

But that don't mean I won't be missing you