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She's the driver of the getaway car,  
Public enemy number 1. 

Well, she's fact and she's fiction,  
All wrapped up into one.  
Sound, lights
the driver of the getaway car
Public enemy No.1
She's fact and she's fiction
All wrapped up into one

Sound, lights and vision
Street car collisions and all
influenced by the phenomenal
While you're unable cause you're too unstable
All of your progress is minimal and that's the inescapable fact
Verbal rhyme
And that's a raw fact no fiction in this guy 

The essence of a pharaoh D to the E fari 

The only weapon I brandish is my vernacular 

as I enter 
Cause I gets heated like friction 
Motherfuck your whole jurisdiction, react this fact not fiction 
Telepathic addiction, to this
and cause mad friction 

Take out you fiction MC's and then bring it back like treason 

I'm talking realness, everyone's speaking hip hop, but can't feel
Motherfuck your whole jurisdiction; react; this fact, not fiction
Telepathic addiction to this homicidal recital
Dangerous and vital to all my
Feeling timeless and ageless
Seen those like embryos in our invasion
It's universal, God is amazing

[Imani/Citizen Strange]
They mad cause my
fiction, and some of it fact
[Cage]	Now they love a dumb rap on a heavy drum track
[Eon]	They were mad fuckin hoes and we fucked every one
	That story is

Turn all the fiction to fact, so everybody will know
You a sucker-ass nigga, father-fuckin ass nigga
That got fucked in the ass by your father
on the digital video DAT

And send a copy to Miramax leave you exposed
Turn all the fiction to fact, so everybody will know
You a sucker-ass nigga, father-fuckin'
who's the man
Clean radio jams
Beat bumpin
Money stackin
Fact not fiction
Give me the zig-zag
I'll do the twistin
Dom Perion, uh-uh
I'm the bomb
you can't hear the silence
Even when it's there. Like the wind seen from the window,
Seeing it but not being touched by it.

Words sometimes