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just sit there and stare

Now drink that drink and smoke that smoke
Old mister johnson turns blue and starts to choke
Somebody slap him on the back

On a pearl splashing glass
If they give us any flack
If they come up on our ass
We'll just give 'em the go-by
The Cadillac pass

Take me now
On the wedding anniversary
Of the Johnson's
They went out on a date.
Little Jimmy had strict orders
To be in bed, to be in bed by eight.
But little
to the blue.G7 F see D7 C7I'll watch o'er the baby and tend him with care and each night by his bedside I'll kneelC E7 F see G7 CAnd if tears do not stop me I'll
of him and less cared for his fate.
And he knew no peace of mind when his trial was comin' by
The judge said, "you are guilty you must die."

Bb f
But paul
give a f***

Zoning off one joint
Stop in a limo, hop in the window
Shopping the demo with gun point
A lyricist without a clue
What year is this?
gonna join 
A sentimental institution 
I'm gonna pack 
Pack all my little old blues away 
But I didn't stay left on the shelf 

Mrs. Johnson from
Young Nino, f-ck a b**** in a peacoat
Carlito, Scarface, Al Pacino
Bun B do, p-mp c, arpedo
I goes deep in that p****, Dan Marino
She wanna be
Alright, before we get it started
Before we did 'smoke two joints', that was Jack from the Toys
And that song 'Rivers Of Babylon'
Was written by
like water
I rather rush a television reporter
The frauds that tried to front
Watch ya back
Stop pullin' those lil' stunts
Assault and battery
by a peace treaty

Bound by a peace treaty

[ VERSE 3 ]
Hit the park, bailed out the car
And seen blue and red everywhere, look how strong we are
the f*** back 
Damn, the pressure's gettin' hot and heavy 
and yeah, I'm gettin' sweated by your homey in the blue and white Chevy 

But now he's got
of money.

Like I say ol' Jack Johnson he was a pugilist, 
He was a pugilist by preference and by profession 
And one day ol' Jack came walkin' on down by
this bar!

By two o'clock, when the bars are already closed down, BILLY had broken 'THE BIG NEWS' to ETHELL. And with dust and boulders everywhere,
of this?
The makings of a perfect bitch

A ghoul at night, I role like Jack the Ripper trying to choose my wife
I need a ass of a stripper, fat
The makings of a perfect bitch

A ghoul at night, I role like Jack the Ripper trying to choose my wife
I need a ass of a stripper, fat lipper mad niggaz in this
tobacco planters 
Who swallow lit roaches 
And light up like jack-o-lanterns 
Outsiders baby, and we suing the courts 
'cause we're dope as f
bells b**** buzz me in
And I only stop for pedestrians, or real real bad lesbian.
Hit em wit the Mac, hit em wit the Tech 9, hit em wit the Ruger by
Just another day in the life 'G'
Gotta step lightly cause cops tried to snippe' me
The catch, they don't wanna stop at the brother man
But then
Whoa whoa ooh
It's on me girl, to stop fightin' and work this out, knahmsayin? f'real

(good morning heartache) 
Good morning heartache, good morning
Doublewide Quick Stop midnight T-top
Jack in her Cherry Coke town
Momma and Daddy put their roots right here
'Cause this is where the car broke down
motherf***in' people who feel like me
Who share the same views and the same exact beliefs, 
It's like a f***in' army marchin' in back of me
So many lives I
as my credit can vouch
A dog couldn't catch me saying ouch
Tell me who can stop when Dre making moves
Attracting honeys like a magnet
Giving em eargasms
I tried to break it up I said, stop it, leave her
She said, "If I can't have you she can't either"
She grabbed me closely by my socks
So I broke
Gucci underwear
For all the girls I might take home
I got the Johnson's Baby Powder and the (Polo Colonge)
Fresh dressed like a millions bucks, threw