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Advertising Space Pt. 1 (Pal/Region 0) (Robbie Williams) · Huastecas Region (Miguel Aceves Mejia) · Mazatlan & North Pacific Region (Hutchinson, Hutch) · Region 4 (Los Concorde)

sold my soul for a chance to kick it and bang

Now tell if I'm wrong
But sayin' "F*** the world" got you deeper in my songs
Drinkin' 'til I earl,
us, c'mon
We don't stop, we run the game, we don't watch
Every single region, we own blocks
Never let up, you tell me, who do it better
Every single I
T'as toutes mes punchlines, dans ton S Line
Dans ton Twingo, Clio Initiale
Bâtiment F deuxième étage, les vrais finissent 'al
A trop vouloir
Never been a harder rhymer in my region globaly that's holdin' me I'm totaly hard and bossed up
Why you think the majority of the rap musical authority