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Easier for me to use my search ?
Drift by a star, absorb it, and ? it
Leave tourists pourous, my galaxy's gorgeous
Quantum jump, I'm right at your
the exit’s missed again 

At 4 p.m. her second shower of the day 
She shuts her eyes and lets the workweek wash away 
Repaints her toes and fingernails
Easier for me to use my search ?
Drift by a star, absorb it, and ? it
Leave tourists pourous, my galaxy's gorgeous
Quantum jump, I'm right at your
Deliverin, I'll deliver and give ya
Whatcha been waitin (one two three) for/four
This, is the gift of the gab
That I had when I came out the lab
slept in go home grab a bite and hcange my clothes I'm headed out with my crew cruisin the roads lookin for some fun on a positive tip roll down
but never convicted
Prozak, King Gordy, Tecca Ninna Self Inflicted


(Tech N9ne)
I don't make my music for no mother fucking whites
alright, we give it room to breathe.
Time crawls by and time's real sly, 
but you can keep time with me.

Rock 'n roll music is the true religion.
I took a walk by the big dogs n****s turnin' they head
They listen to my music but can't holla? Them n****s scared
But it's cool wit me b**** you
cooler kids so get up on the bus now (repeat x3)

m is 4 brezzy music that your dancin to tonight
n is 4 never ending celebrat the morning light
to a panther
I keep my eyes on those who pass by
They look to pm dawn the quest for the answer
Mercy mercy me till I see
The end of the human race is Grand
the room I absorb the mood
Positive vibe supplied by a positive crew
And negativity exist and you must acknowledge
You can be intelligent and never go
my face
A fool could get his head split
A lot of doubters
Said it couldn't be done by me
them same suckers
Are now lookin' from under me
Wonder'n what
It's the N-O-N, P, H, I, X, I-O-N [x4]

[Ill Bill]
What does that spell? It spell Non Phixion my friend
The Future Is Now, nuclear shower
But my eyes have seen four dimensions

Now gather your strength for all these bad intentions

That you seem to get when you get a little older
The evening began as a positive swaret 
And my abode was 4-2-0 G. 
But little did I know that in the very next apartment 
There'd be trouble
chicks, with big titties and pierced lips
Exotic dancers in love with Bill da fuck you think
Catch me at the barge whipping of the drugs n drink
Bloods n
Jacking up the bean stock from 11am through 7pm 
And we're holdin' up the stall thinking no one's looking 
Except you and me at home 
for asking four
The source
The source
The source
Sent as we sing our music's total retain

As we try and consider
We receive all we venture
Time for see-H-A-N-G-E
Held a knife to the VP on TV
She demanded that the format be expanded
Beyond fair, everybody clear, understand it?

[Aesop Rock]
terrible weather
Nobody does it better than I, so approved by Carly Simon
Most rappers is real hard, but still hardly rhymin'

To all, rise and shine, give
can't lose
Some s*** that can only be down by you know who
Whatever double the w-i to the l-l
For owning the extraterre-es-tre-el-el
Rockin' you
at us funny, boy, we'll bring rap back.
And that'll hurt you like Superman, chased by a group of men.
With dyna-mics, real hip-hop'll do you in.
here . . .
Don't you boys know any nice songs?

Well the years was rollin' by
Heavy metal 'n glitter rock
Had caught the public eye
Snotty boys
a positive light. won't get caught up in your game. I don't need that kind of fame. Cast me aside! (4X) I was there, I saw what you did. you're not grasping
and lust
Some of us have demons -- lust, temptation

Now this is you, dressed in all black, fatigue hat, ready for combat
A good n****, you don't