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zone episode.

~Excerpt from~
The age of spiritual machines: 
When computers exceed human intelligence

By: ray kurzweil
Welcome to this country fried bonafide
And my flow is sweet as a potato pie
Never been a sour apple, I'm a now-or-later guy
I'mma tell her
newspapers by the kitchen sink
You think I'm off limits driving a 74 dodge Plymouth
Up the street with human feet colored apple-green
With spots eatin
Through dna analysis
We may one day conquer disease
A "perfect" baby every time
By mapping and manipulating people's genes

Cosmetic surgery before you're
Yeah Yeah BLUH
Yes I run it

This shit make a nigga just wanna ride
Reminisce when I had the morning appetite
the black son to make all fuckin' nine planets digable
With the science to control ninety-nine, keep all minds aligned
All the selfish will be dealt with by
I'm living life as a gamble
Living in the rotten apple, yo where every corner is rotten
To all my niggas rest in peace, see you gone but not forgotten
takin' life as a gamble 
And living in the rotten apple yo where every core is rotten 
All my niggas rest in peace ya see you gone but not forgotten