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I hit L.A. I get love you know 'cause I'm from the Bay.
Dub see, Big Syke you know Spice 1,  feel me. 
Count the dollars on the Lexy don't waste
very down pat
now I'm tellin' brothers brown black lighter
fight for ya righta
I incite riots if they try that shit that happen in the 60's
I ain'ts
Saw the homies who got snitched on
I know you feelin' me

Chrome dubs, only showin' love for thugs
Finger fuckin' my fo' five watchin' sparks from
[Xzibit] C'mon
[Erick Sermon] Xzibit
[Xzibit] Yeah...
[Erick Sermon] Ahh, ahh, E-Dub

It's that millennium ridiculous flow, I never
Lyrical exercise
Right now, homie, I'm in the extra vibe
Pipe down on the curb when you heard that I got these words to the upper echelon, that's
the rooftops 
Too many snitch niggaz TESTIFY 
Warrior kings sent to the bing and left to die 
Girls confuse sex with love so they extra dry 
And got birth
Yo, Houston to Earth
Watch the ripper crucify you with verse
My urethra to ya uvula, quenches your thirst
Put your flames out with dry desert dirt
unless we get violent

Wildin', this is for my niggas that smoke weed
Live life by the day, count the proceed
Blow it back, blowin' cash in the OZ
know I size up my sacks with a couple extra grams
D-Loc got a caddy, I got a V-Dub van,
X Daddy rolled a fatty, asked him "What's the plan?"
He took
dough it's horrible
Time is money, spend, waste, save, invest the fess
From ten case of cave of chicken chest S
Yes ya'll the dub will get ya trickles
a Santa A-list
Time is passin' by yet his scars remain ageless
He called him on the phone to say pop's
This'll take a minute of ya time
But his wishes
a load, make n****s fold, watch 'em die, and let 'em drip dry
Gon' spill pints from n****s; my rapid fire put n****s in black attire
Stuffed in
dump a load, make niggas fold, watch 'em die, and let 'em drip dry
Gon' spill pints from niggas, my rapid fire put niggas in black attire
Stuffed in