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I found a spot
Where the drunk never got to
And it rocks me gently silent, silent
If I never surface
Then it doesn't matter
Hold my breath
excuse from me
I am here to serve the moral majority

Cool, groovy, morning, fine
Tipper Gore was a friend of mine
I love a free country
The Stars
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

My breathe it slowly left me
I snaked my way inside
The next thing that I knew
you were not lying by my side

Yeah, yeah,
whatever comes our way
So,day by day-it goes on forever
Burning the age page after page leaving the stage to you

No excuses,no regrets-wiping out
privilege, it will take your problems all away
Number one - the best - no excuse from me
I am here to serve the moral majority
Cool - groovy - morning -
when I call
She tells me things that were not her fault
And her surface will start to break
Breakdown a hurting sound
I want to tell her that it's ok
pointed mine first?
I see a problem but maybe it's part of me
Excuses without reasons
I have a conscious inspiring to be
More than a thought that's burning
camera away 
Someone take today as traffic passes by 
Never see me
Never see at all 
I don't need you 
Your lies they won't surface 
Your mind it
Who knows how long I've been lost in the dark.Followed.
Closely by the footsteps of my failures.
What can I do to alter my perception of the way
Poke me with your talk, Ben, fuck

I'm too close to decide
Seems like the page never lied
Do you see the fiction at your front door?
This time
for so long 

Twisting and turning 
I'm going for the same direction turning 
Misguided by imagination turning 
Underneath surface I rest 
through all your surface
Just to find an empty pool
And to suffer all your pride as I lay down by your side
And you swallowed up my heart and left me
used to meet 
I am amazed by the lack of memories that I thought would flood through me 
And the riverside where we first kissed has now been reduced
and watching to see if you'll follow me to my grave. I should go to sleep I'm running out of time waits for no one . I might not wake up next to you excuses
Kneel, swear, finally bow. God is for suckers. Leave my needs alone.

No excuse for weakness. Blinded by the fiction placebo gave me.
No excuse for
the surface below, peel the rind peel the rind
There's plenty of layers to go, peel the rind, peel the rind
Thick skin keeps me living
Struggle's alive
the ashes where sweeping around me
Falling deeper and deeper into dusk
Now I realize my soul was tainted (in disgrace)

So hard a surface, yet so easily
Summer with the lights out 
Finds me in my parent's basement,
Watching bedroom movies. 
Pictures and holidays hang in the hall. 
Guided by
Excuse me Mr.
Do you have the time
Or are you so important
That it stands still for you

Excuse me Mr. won't you
Lend me your ear
Or are you
you'd believe me

It's not the way
I'm meant to be
It's just the way
The operation made me

And you can tell
From the state of my room
That they
Living by herself
In a heart full of dust
Lives a creature called lust
It surprises and scares

Like me
Like me
My name Isobel
Married to myself
Excuse me Mr.
Do you have the time
Or are you so important
That it stands still for you

Excuse me Mr. won't you
Lend me your ear
Or are you not only
And I'm wondering whatever did I do
The only reason that I still remain to you
Is I go on repeating the excuse

This plan is only surface
Maybe I'm
by my clothes
I'm learning to fall
With no safety net to cushion the blow

I bruise easily
So be gentle when you handle me
Theres a mark you
to tap dance
Take a girl by the hand saying
"I need your, I need your romance"
Oh I had me many chances
And honesty was my only excuse
I used to take your