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clothes off all over the balcony

Let's get it on in public
Just let it go, I promise that you'll love it
Oh Daddy, don't you want to be my
everywhere I go they keep playin' my song 

Brain damage, ever since the day I was born 
Drugs, what they used to say I was on 
They say I never knew which
good return
I tried to take her
I even tried to break her
She said, I ain't for takin' won't you ever learn 
I want you, I need you, I gotta be near
testing your moral agility

Listen, by now you should be like six hours away
Find a cheap hotel, rest and hold your thoughts at bay
See, you're not just
a manual
Running out of words, this ain't a chapter, it's a verse
I'll be free by your side until they trap me in a hearse
I owe you everything I earn,
Jay-Z and he said, "oh
you a real soulful dude" [Jay-Z: "you a real soulful dude"]. And he
uh, played the song 'cause he already spit his verse by