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Praise Him
(Praise Him)

Let everything that has breath
(Let everything that has breath)
Praise Him
(Praise Him)
Praise Him

In one accord unto
What we need in the world today
Is a guide for the married man
Some simple thing that in every way
Would provide for the harried man
Help him not
Satan, I praise thee
Since only you are real
In morbid rites I praise you
By my every move

By everything I ever do
I praise you
Hail Satan
The moon is high and the sunset fades
The lullabies have all been sung
We're tuckin' in another day
And stars appear now one by one

I stand before You now my Saviour
Shouting Your praise
You've changed my world and made my heart sing
And everything I have
I lay it at Your feet
(Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)
Everything I am I give you
All I hold inside is for your praise
And it's all for you
All my life to you surrender 
All I
cuz praise is a weapon
I clap I wave in everything I praise
Teach my hands to war cuz praise is a weapon
He promise victory when we praise so clap
In their eyes of children is a world I wish could be
Their definitions of this life derived so simply
There's no one to huert them and everything is
a marvelous cause 
You've shown by your presence, your deeds and applause
What the people can do, true power is yours
Not the government's, unless it
Hold me in Your arms
Never let me go
I wanna spend eternity with You

I stand before You, Lord
And give You all my praise
Your love is all I
You're near
Everything is different
Everything's so different, Lord
And I know I'm not the same
My life You've changed
And I wanna be with You
'Cause everything has changed and now

I ain't gonna look the other way, no more
After all the clouds go by, its just another empty sky
I ain't gonna wait
'Cause everything has changed and now

I ain't gonna look the other way, no more
After all the clouds go by, its just another empty sky
I ain't
of an eye, when the last trumpet blows
The dead will arise and burst out of your cloths
And ye shall be changed

Everything you've gotten
You've gotten by
On that starry night
He changed my life
Given it all to the only son who gave me hope when I had none
So let the praises ring
He is everything

Given my
us what we are
By your blood and by your scars
We want to praise you
In every way we can

Words are so empty and time is so short
To show you how
and set me free

Now that you are in my life
Everythings completely changed
I know for sure that things will never be the same
Now that I have found
there quick by their chosen road
They don't know it quicker to go
By natural velocity

there is a wall of doubt surrounding
Everything that's there
There is a time and place for everything
I paid my dues and now it's time to make a change

Gotta make that move
There is a time and place for
the shadow of Your Name
The world is Yours and I know
Everything will find its place
Under Your Name

Walking on through the fire
Knowing I will not be
unstoppable set into motion
Nothing is different, but everything's changed

Found a room in the heart of the city, down by the bridge
Hot plate and TV
of praise. 
More of you and less of me. 
For you are my everything. 

I'm unworthy, you're merciful, its a free gift. 
And we wait for you to return
to Machine Messiah

Give me your praise
I'll keep you safe
He soul is dead
Bow down to Machine Messiah

I'll give you everything
I'll cure humanity
I'm not the same, I have been changed
By the power of Christ, the truth in my life
I can't explain the difference He's made
Old things have gone,
'cause everything has changed and now?

I ain?t gonna look the other way,
After all the clouds go by,
It?s just another empty sky,
I ain?t gonna