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We've got everything
We've got everything
We've got everything down to a science so I guess we know everything 
We know everything
We know
with the trick
Years pass by, now you stuck with the trick
Fighting more and more now you're fed up with the trick
But you knew that was a [ho] when
She was kicking down the fence trying to hide the evidence
That would give her game away
But everything was as clear as day
I knew she had no more
There you lay 
All by yourself 
So please allow me 
To introduce myself 
I welcome you 
To the house of sin 
Open your mind 
And let the games
She was kicking down the fence trying to hide the evidence
That would give her game away
But everything was as clear as day
I knew she had no more
Should have never happened that way
I made a mistake that changed forever
I don't know what I'm supposed to say
But like cheap trick I surrender
All the things you have done
Come back to hurt me
All the guys you have seen
A bag of tricks and me

It's everything you do
My love's too good
Gather 'round cowboys I'll tell you a tale
A story that's hard to be told
Of a trick ridin' cowgril we loved and we called
The queen of the big roder

Lyin' there
You look so horny
Talk is cheap
And startin' to bore me

Hold me close
And tell me it feels so good
But damn, girl
You knew it would

taught me this old dirty fistfight trick
But it only worked about half the time
Black and blue I was born into
Unorganized crime

I'm the one who
My heart, it ain't running right
Won't you give it a kick
Will you be my handy man?
Will you do the trick?

I count the days as they pass me by
eyes, but a soft face

I knew that it was wrong
So baby, turn the record on
Play that song

Where everything was everything
But everything is over
What a life
A trick of light
Then everything returns to the sea
You can have whatever you want
But are you disciplined enough to be free

Have my skeletons
(I can only trick you once, bad boy)
Have my lungs, my millions (talk is cheap, don't speak in tongues, bad boy)

Drum drum
crazy thinking why You want me by Your side.

I know that I'm not dreaming, is my mind playing tricks on me?
No, Your love won't let me believe in
Everything you love turns to dust, 
You'd make more of it but you felt rushed, 
By all that's periphery, 
You held tight, but on the contrary,
which screwed up everything
I was broke, just fifteen
I scoured London for a replacement
I found it cheap in an Oxford Street basement

Yeah yeah
Talk is cheap, and I should know
I've given my everything, and it wasn't close
People mean well, but still make a mess
From now on I'm listening,
a doll
To say the least, I thought, I've seen them all
But then you took me by surprise
I'm dreaming bout those dreamy eyes
I never knew, I never knew
Even though you were fooled 
I was on my guard 
Cheap tricks for money 
The magician man 
Tacky gag, whacky lines 
He was at this best
fight, you cry, you lie, you bleed
And you lean on one another
Blood brothers

Time can fly on by
Everything can change
Until the day we die
just luck
But I better knock on wood
She's gonna give me everything
Somehow I knew she would

Oh, but I know she's secretly cruel
I ain't nobody's fool
You pulled some tricks out your sleeve last night
Everything I fantasize about
You had me climbing up a wall
How many ways was God called

mistakes in your life
Just be careful of stones that you throw

A neighbor was passin' my garden one time. She stopped and I knew
right away that it was
my hand 

If everybody knew you the way I do 
people wouldn't wear frowns the way they do 
Cause everything is sunshine when you hold my hand