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I hear something in the sounds that surround me.
That only seems to remind me,
That I'm lost and longing for a different place and time.
I want
the moments bring you back to what I'm rapping about 
Peep out a grain of pornographs with screenin naturally now
And composing everything dwelling and that
got the best of me
By loving the next man the way you used to love me
But I thank you for the good and the bad
I guess I had to pay for all my dirt in
the dark
Kinda crazy but I'm playing it smart
Can't stunt so I came to talk, the sound of pissing an angel off
Ain't it hard, living the life, by the end
and joined myself back there, I could have disappeared forever. But it isn't, and I'm stranded here, split into two, getting ready for bed in a dormitory
Well, I'm fresh 
'Cause I'm the best

And I get wild
When I'm row'

I never get passed by	
'Cause I'm fly

And I'm a put you on hold
pop trunk, I'm out that H-town
Out H-town, showin surround by sound
Yesterday y'all got mad when I shown nuthin but ground
I'm talkin shit