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with StreetLife, ain't never been a Backstreet Boy
Who y'all kiddin'?  Tryin' to act like my shoe fittin'
Confused with ya head up yo' ass like who's
But I'ma keep it hella nineteen eighty seven
Head into the dealership and drop a stack and cop a Kawasaki
I'm stunting on everybody, hella raw,
Don't be handin' me them bullshit, soldier stories, I make noise
You fuckin' with the original Backstreet Boys

That's the nigga name, he been
I'm not too young and
I'm not too old
Listen up everybody
This ain't Aaron's party
Girl, whatcha gonna do
Come and talk to me
In the backseat
so raw
Moped like a bullet
You can't catch me
A po-po can't reprimand me
I'm in a B-Boy stance, I'm not dancing
I got your girl on the back going
ass is trippin' because the nina gave that ass a whippin'
The back-street way yard six feet digger
Loced out with the nine makin' that ass shiver
And if the shit was a game, we'd skunk you niggas
Playin' make me [Incomprehensible], punk you niggas
Backstreet boy let your record label pump you
And then they signed the Backstreet Boys and Britney
It's a pop label, what the fuck they want with me?
Forget R. Kelly, I'ma do that rippin' out
--> Fat Boys
Nobody moves nobody gets hurt

[ VERSE 2 ]
There they go, it's not 7 on the dot
We gotta move before the spot gets hot
In the parkin lot?