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Hannah Montana
Real French shit on my fwet du bwee
It's the 3 musketeers
No guest emcee
My Alexandre Dumas when I'm rhyming too raw
Rest in peace Ol'
I cross my heart
And I hope to die
If I should ever
Ever make you cry
'Cause you're my all
Darling you're a part of me

I swear by every
Tryin' to get that modana you kno Hannah Montana 
Can find me sittin' Indian style with the dolly lama 
Konichiwa I get my yin and say sayonara 
every foe!

The kingdom is calling your hearts made of pure Steel
So carry on, point up your swords to the mighty sky

By the will.......

the homies, that's on me
24/7, Kendrick reppin' these cold streets
Don't we live by it, die by it, then reincarnate
And if Game told me, "Drive by it," I
Go ahead and shake whatcha mama gave ya

Oh, oh, say can you see
By the dawns early light
Party with me every night
Let down your hands, alright
det va' nåt?
Det tror do va?

Take a chance on me

Nu gå den långsammare än förut.
Nej. 1-2-3-4.
instrumental, vibrations is what I'm into
Yeah I need my loot by rent day
But that ain't what gives me the heart of Kunta Kinte
I'm tryin' to give us us free like
a part of it
And his presence I didn't even acknowledge it
Knew I was wrong, he shoulda at least had a song
It wouldn't be me without No I.D., and Twilite
thing you know, people are calling us about record deals.
And you know, the crazy part is,
Ashleigh rented this white Nissan Altima for me and Slim so
You either ridin' with us
Or gettin' rolled on
That means Detroit vs. Everybody!
Hey Em
Let me get that instrumental take it down to the hood
picky iffy labodomy rhyme Swinga astrology
Pardom me but part of me love to rip it explicit inside of me
A torn wound surf we love to dish it
Fish it type