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Hannah Montana
Real French shit on my fwet du bwee
It's the 3 musketeers
No guest emcee
My Alexandre Dumas when I'm rhyming too raw
Rest in peace Ol'
Tryin' to get that modana you kno Hannah Montana 
Can find me sittin' Indian style with the dolly lama 
Konichiwa I get my yin and say sayonara 
much I push the cash money, they don't believe me 
Turn on the DVD, and the c.d 
Don't watch me, homeboy watch T.V 
Head rest, 7.5 Clarion 
You ain't
Go ahead and shake whatcha mama gave ya

Oh, oh, say can you see
By the dawns early light
Party with me every night
Let down your hands, alright
Hannah Montana, she was always happy
You only fronted on Mariah 'cause Mariah don't carry
Tried to disrespect Taylor 'cause Taylor wasn't Swift enough