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to cheek then I complete the beat 

She wanted the extended version 
So I kept splurging and add more words in 
Strong, the emotion, notions move
The Bad Seeds often sang 'Come on home, Sydney Cindy' -Maurice

Wish I was an apple dangling from a tree
Every time you'd pass me by you'd take a bite of me
the one that gets up every morning
And wonders how long a memory keeps its pose
And how much that the man beside you knows
And how much of the toll it's
'Cross the boundaries of my head
Entertained by the dead
Stayed awake to make the morning
But it came too little and too late
Take your time, I can
versions of Feeding of the 5000
By jerks whose only fuck off to the system has been one off the wrist?
It's the Feeding of the 5 Knuckle Shuffle.