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every grain of sand, I'll take it back!

F*ck living through an hourglass window,
F*ck living trapped in a photograph, entombed by fragile glass,
Betty and Malcolm Shabazz
Coretta and Martin King
Let the choir sing
Gil Scott Heron
Bob Dylan
Let the choir sing
Angela Davis
Cornel West
grain of sand
Where have you gone desaparecido
Mi querido, only yesterday I held your hand
Okay, I leave my one and only grain of spiritual sand
To the universal scales of humanity, all humanity
Forever is findin' a solution to a solution
I dream of the rain and smile.
Vary your speed to which you live,
and count every last grain of sand.
Clouds invade my thought no more.
our outsize atlases, the universe is even bigger 
There are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on the world’s beaches, 
more stars
Every breath of air, every grain of sand
Justifies to who You are
And the evidence, that You're magnificent
Is written in the moon and the stars
The clips ain't down to the dick
That's a automatic shotty from a drum they call Tommy
Guaranteed to get you bitches from by me
When I hit every
your kids out like a babysitter
I'm a grown man, but I'm young in the mindstate
Live in every borough but New York my tri state
Test me, you nothing
you b****es from by me
When I hit every piece of ya visible body he leakin'
Mortimer is no longer leapin' he sleepin'
While you p**** n****s is
and take power I blew tower-ing over the land
As we stand, expanding our cream
A dollar to every grain of sand
Let the mind use the physical as planned
the funk, yo, scrub erase a chump
Every day an episode mostly ova chanky ho's
That's why I be often throwed, play the game how it go
All we do is bob