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We the people of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice,insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common
Mudball I love you mudball my heart is true (he said) I love you too but sometimes you scare me I think we need to establish some boundaries
don't really deserve to survive!

We have to shut them down
And re-establish the ecological balance
We once had
Or the world has no chance
yourself from the illusion

Refine the reflection
Re-establish the fundamentals
Wash away the filth
Purify, your head is clogged with doubt!

welcome the responsibilty
like a long lost friend,
and re-establish the kingdom of laughter
in the dolls house once again.
For time has imprisoned us
welcome the responsibility
Like a long lost friend,
And re-establish the kingdom of laughter

In the dolls house once again.
For time has imprisoned us
Foreign policy 
Foreign policy 

The lines are drawn
Establish the new order
Suspect everyone
Know your enemies

We've got
Foreign policy
to fall from grace
Or sing the hymns of my disgrace

We build cathredrals to our pain
Establish monuments to attain
Freedom from all of the scars
importance to establish you
And us together as producers of the highest quality product.
And obviously if the campaign proves successful,
You will no doubt
Foreign policy [x3]

The lines are drawn!
Establish the new order!
Suspect everyone
Know your enemies! Know your enemies!

We've got...
Miller Anderson-Chrysalis Music Ltd.
There was twenty at the sharer, I was there myself
Trying to establish who may reap the wealth
I said I cannot
Ancient winged demon, 
Stealer of tablets of destiny, 
Holder of fate
He who will establish his throne, 
He will command

He who stood before
There were no weapons of mass destruction
Or mobile biological weapons labs
The agenda was to remove Saddam Hussein
To reap the oil and establish
in my car

Well, well I say, honey bee
I'm your main devotee
Let's establish a colony
Honey bee
Walk beside me
I'm in heaven when I hold your
Commit the compromise.
Restricts our rights the education society gives us.
You establish with your advertised tables.
What gives you our rights?
Ever think we should try to re-establish
That connection that we made during last summer's days? 
Maybe I should be subtle or maybe I should be
Commit the compromise restricts our rights, 
The education society gives us,
You establish with your advertised labels, 
What gives you our
the worlds took their form
Then He stepped out and left his glorious throne
To establish heaven's kingdom
Though the world would not receive Him
Still He

Let's establish a new tradition,
We'll abolish old superstition.
You're the Jesus of my religion
You're even better than television!

Remove all the damage
Material debris
Remove scar tissue
Decayed and diseased
Establish a connection
Matter to the mind
My self replication
You are an awesome God
You are an awesome God

Our Father
In heaven
Establish now Your kingdom
All power
Be to our awesome God
the waves of memory I establish the weakness
I follow the plan, learning the rhythm of human emotion and thought
If you cannot linguistically differentiate
give You praise and adoration
Let Your kingdom come
Let Your will be done
Establish now Your throne, oh my Lord

O my Lord
Lord, Lord, Lord

Praise You
Fly away to the point of entry
Fly away to what's so high above
Will you establish me

In your company?
Oh please
I'll be forever yours
Order the wizard to cover the Sun
Raise the wand to conjure the one
Defining energy eclectic, electric
Establish the right of Sennacharib