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Jasmine Sullivan:
I know you'll run,
Ready to kill,
With a smoking gun,

Verse 2
Yo now she really stressed bad,
Baby by her step dad,
Her and lil
The essence of me, the essence

I'm standing at the fences
I still gotta overcome
Everyday a little victory
Take them one by one
I'm waking up stronger
Split by the forever
The Dance is between in nowhere
An essence of nothing
god has broken my wings
And set me to drift
In the streets shit is fucking real out hear(white dude singing)
No doubt (Jadakiss)
Niggas be hating (white dude singing)
For sure(Jadakiss
This is who I am
This is what I want

Oh, I'm breaking free
I'm taking the leap
These borders are deep
I'm feeling, I'm feeling
The essence of me
Right by my side

B. Hudson, Jadakiss, Ne-Yo
I think it's me and you tonight ma
You see every good woman needs a thug, you
Reaching for the inner bright, the very essence-sun of my dreaming bliss
Guided by a fear blinded outside all shades of the perfect black
I am waiting here for more
I am waiting  by your door
I am waiting on your back steps
I am waiting in my car
I am waiting at this bar
I am
right by your side

[Verse 2: Jadakiss]
I gave you the best flows
On top of that, I even made niggas set goals
I want to know how many bullets can
a whipping

[Chorus: Jadakiss and DMX]
here we go again [Repeat: x8]

Look don't try to apologize on your two way
Sympathy don't amuse me, go
[Chorus: Jasmine Sullivan (Jadakiss)]
You're the only one i love,
(uh huh)
The only man i know that i can trust,
And if I ever should need
are doomed and none shall live
The essence that keeps you alive
Nothing but venom injected by wrath
Uh, I learnt the game, I know what I want and I'm in it,
The time is now, it's gonna be up in a minute,
You look a nigga in the eye,
The essence that can never die

The hope that's come my way
And turns me 'round to face the sky
The rhythm of this world, the gift of life
The essence that
Right by my side

B. Hudson, Jadakiss, Ne-Yo
I think it's me and you tonight ma
You see every good woman needs a thug, you
of the essence
Drifting in the wind, clad as Sin
The force behind my cause
The hands that fold me within
Awakened beneath a restless sky
By mountains which darken
Yo, yo, yo, yo
Hey yo I got land cars and jewelry, and artillery
And I got every hood feeling me
It's nothing like when a thug get
at my side

By water, by air, by fire, by earth

Oh purificator water, essence of life
Mirror of time, drown the lies

Earth, mother's man
I Proclaim Thee
To Hear My Demands
In Invoke Thee
Grant My Commands
Self Indulgence
Self Fulfillment
The Very Essence

By His Own Decree
He Grants
came in force
Are nowhere to be found

Time is the essence the priests do say
To restore your faith in man
For the job you do and the role you play
Work wit me
I want to thank y'all for coming out
This is sum reel' shit

First things first
When a nigga money
grind hard to buy the mall up
We grind hard to play harder (harder)

24/7 365
If we ain't breaking them down
Then we letting them fly
around, man 
Jada, man 
Old nigga, new nigga 
What! Yo, yo, yo

Who really the best rapper since B.I.G. ain't here 
y'all know
Perfect peace mountains
Robed in glory coming into view
Father speaks son becomes the story
Essence of all true I saw what cannot be seen

Abyssal blasts of raging profanation
Unburying the essence of perpetual revelation
Angel of aberration enslaved into submission
Banished from