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Turner create a spectacle
I may die in the scuffle but I'm takin' forty devils

We livin' just enough
Just enough
Just enough
For the city

Killa beez,
The one injected by the ancient screen

Fucked up in Terminal City
Uptight in Terminal City
Terminal City
Re-crush, toothbrush

She wore
Cold city, runs hot with pain
Knives slash your jugular vein
Cut and Run
There is no escape from the gun
Tongues lie a noose around your neck
Earth torn from it's path by meteoric pass,
Showered by debris,
Continents crumble, our cities funeral pyres,
Crash into the sea.

The sun has
Like a phoenix from the ashes
We shall rise again
We shall recreate through hate
And make this world a better place

First we must crush
Back in 1095, when the call to arms came
We had the red cross sown on
Sent to save the holy land and crush the infidels
With strength from above
their past and reconstruct
Their cities lay in ruins
Littered by carcasses of those who opposed

Crush the opposition
Smash them down into
attacked like seven maniacs with wooden bats
Daily evidence I erase, can't be traced by jakes
Nucleic niggas from the mind penetrate the star gate
MC's found
to box
One-two punch and the GoreTex drops
On your toe, your brother got caught
By GoreTex boots from the GoreTex shop

Git it!

Posse in effect, scramble
Philadelphia / Seventy-Eight
Shut down M.O.V.E. / By police state
Forty-five police storm Powellton Village
Government sanctioned rape and pillage
Far away from the city
Far away from civilization
A secret farm full of obscure persons
And full of weak cattle exists
Every morning the farm
city! welcome to detroit city yea!]
See me when I land all over you motherfuckas!

bring you wolves haha
Me and you! mono e mono
I crush you with
from 1979
We rap by what we see, meaning reality
From people busting caps and like Mandela being free
Not every MC be with the negativity
We have
currents from
The volts of relentless punishment that multiplies
At a speed that the naked eye can't die-tect
The infantry, peep the weapon-try as I bomb
The branches are ripping at my clothes in the jungle

You can't run, you can't hide Screaming for Godzilla Forty natives by my
side Screaming
Drawn towards, pull away. 
Mass compressed, and escape. 
Not knowing what the
threat has instore, 
Don't ignore the warnings they gave. 
It will
the forty-four
From the cold ocean waters and the cold icy shore.

It was there in the dark of that uncertain night
That we watched for the U-boats and waited
the forty-four
From the cold ocean waters and the cold icy shore.

It was there in the dark of that uncertain night
That we watched for the U-boats and waited
in San Francisco
Didn't want to stay in Omaha
Never got fooled by New York city
But I lost my heart to la Gonave

Didn't leave my heart in San
Don't fuss we seein eye to eye
I push the 6 and pass by you're 5
And rush hour in ya ride
Your girl by my side
We gon crush tonight right?

ray j chorus:
Wu-wolves wit' no way to escape
Do it from the mouth, crush bones cause this is my house
And I'm prejudice give Mark Clayman like whiteys down south

whiskey, but cold to caress

She slid like a viper from her tooled leather dress

Forty-one thunderer, colt repeater

She's a silver-tongued wonder
the paint washed
From our city walls, end of the renaissance
And so the walls where the colors once played
Were replaced by the buff, now a sullen blunt
Oh here I am after all these years
In a little hole in New York City
It's a little room up there
To cover me up by this snow as it falls outside
scaly, Israeli niggaz from the clan 

We bide the omish that'll harness the promised land 

[Dr. Doom] 

Yo, yo, yo, you can't escape from