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and red sea

Light bearing Samael
Coalesce with me"

Through pagan city gates
Bred shadows play like twining snake
By candlelight
Key Largo
Runnin' Nat narcotic
By George he got it
Takin' makin' the G erotic
And the fiends they scheme
So he can put 'em down
But his method is
Chicks hypnotized by my 1, 2 steps 
I'm way too fresh 
So complex 
Niggas try to predict what I'm gonna do next 
Let's get the party started 
Far from
and mountains 

Fountains rivers lakes brooks and ponds 

Inhabit by rabbit snakes and swans 

Energy is solar life barreling beyond the sun controller
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome for your half time viewing pleasure from Kansas city, Missouri
The strange league drill team!
[Verse 1]
Yeah... Necro on the beat, check it, yo
We live like the city of gods fallen angels
we call it painful, memories of murdering death
Holler out your city if you ride for it
Let em know why you die for it
Same reason all these riders get high so it's
All medicinal now what you wanna