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This they did and made the most of it
Tore his coat and flung him in pit

Let us leave him here,
All alone, and he's bound to die
on bended knees for him
Precious baby, is your life hanging by a thread?
All I have all I am all I can
For him
I'd beg you on bended knees for him

Encapsulate the night!
Wrap up the truth in candy-striped paper
And throw us a blood-sodden
Torn and holey
Rotten through the core

blood spills for days 
Soothe in godly ways, hands, solemn in praise 
Tree of life, more precious than Wu is golden game 
The wise self flourish
to the cow
Pasture, grabs a whole cow, 'Yeowp!'
Daniel, "Grab your most precious
Possessions and run! Run!" Just then the
Boy and his father woke up "Hey,

Little girl
So precious and innocent to the world
Get swallowed up and sucked up by this world
Little girl you hide your pain with
Charm the press
A breed from the seed of only
One short breath"

Mother, hence we cry:
Some of us are free to stand
Most of us are bound
shootin' is the solution then you're not that clever
If you don't know shit then you still know better
Human life is so precious it could never be measured
the minds of most men
? from the quarantine, praying for the end
You can tell by the stench that the venom's setting in
On the plane in which you reign, it's
like the Invisible Woman 
Teenagers turned trick pimped by pedophile labels 
They started but fall from, soon to be disabled 

I want to be paid, MC,
world jealous
God knows I know my homegirl's precious
Life is crazy I know god bless us
Chill the fuck out I got this you
Got nothing to worry about trust
be the
one". And I had no idea what 'The one' was, but as I grew older I began to
understand. Most boys put their mother on a pedestal and worship