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You want me to jam I'm finna enter
Brain waves came from insane days
Make ya sick like bad mayonnaise
(Tech N9ne!) Got the remedy rhyme infinity
my name, they call me,
(DUH DUH-DUH DUH), Tech N9ne
And I uh, need a Caribou Lou
Uh, that's 151 Malibu Rum and pineapple juice,
You know what I'm
to have a Tech tat
Preferably the number N9ne and you gotta get it
Where the back of you neck's at
That'll let me know that you rep that, plus get you
Time for the N9ne because I'm the chosen
Never gotta be foolish to get the dough
Like a lot of you actin' up on TV to get a ho
You don't wanna have