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It's you and me,
And it's our time now.
Don't let me down.

(Justin Timberlake:)
Don't let me down,
Don't let me down now,
Don't let me
featuring justin timberlake

When I was younger, I never went too far
Held my feelings, I never even wanted to start
Til when I met you, I didn't
friend, sticks with me to the end
Thanks to him I'll never live on Ramen noodles again
And he's always by my side, every minute, every hour
Though it does
and listen
Im like that time you bagged a dime
And checked ya phone and saw it was a number missing
As fate passes you by half of you try
The other half of you

Deine Lakaien
Will grow
To be cut

By children
With knives of


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justin had
Justin Timberlake is just a new form of Michael
It's cold inspiration, that's the way it be
Without a Jay Z's are probably wouldn't be no Peas

escaped is the one holdin the heat 
Before I breeze grab coke out the freeze 
By the time y'all hear this I'll be somewhere in Belize 
With some bad
Game hall of fame, flow is MJ
Muy caliente, je m'apelle Rebel, capiche, comprende?
Son I'm touching 'em up, trust I'm like
Justin Tuck how they