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could just pretend
Even if for only one weekend
So come on, tell me
Is this the end?

Drinkin' tea in bed
Watching dvd's
When I discovered all your dirty
of doubt

Its to the end
There's no surrender
Its good and evil
Gotta fight the shadow of doubt

I'm in flames
I'm on fire
I wanna dance like I'm
There's no doubt about it I know this time
I saw for the first time you're his you're not mine
There's no doubt about it I've reached the end of my
It was supposed to be so easy...

Just take back the DVD
Withdraw that extra money
Tell mum I wouldn't be back for tea
Then grab my savings
try anymore
There are times of trouble in believing
This test of your faith will last
As long as it takes to pass
Till you have no more doubt you'll
Everybody listen to me
Put a smile on your face
There's no reason to be gloomy
This world's a wonderful place
So when I say again happy
Shout it
So we hit the net while the Trade Center fell, New York met Hollywood, we ran like hell.
No Vietnam for us, yo, Iraq it's on. So who agree upon this
doubt you'll have fun under this ground, I really doubt it

I doubt you'll have fun under this ground, I really doubt it

let's see you dancing
DVD?s clogged arteries and MP3?s, 
He?s got this antisocial mental brain disease. 
And I want to break him out, want to show him the world. 
life ends
As you suffer no more hope
As you ache for a lifetime
In this world with no way out

Lead this razor to your wrist, forget your doubts
This is straight from the heart
No one could ever doubt
(My love) My love will last till the end of time
Of time
What kind of love is this that leaves me feeling cold
You look right through me what see nobody knows
You're in a world all by yourself - needing
that pass me by 
I'll do what I know is right 
No failure shall befall me this time 

I cast doubt (No longer) 
I am able, I am strong 
And now it
Ain't no way you bout to stop this sickness
From the deepest darkest part of Missouri
Psycho alpha skitzo get ya chest, ya diggin' me
Everybody listen to me
Put a smile on your face
There's no reason to be gloomy
This world's a wonderful place
So when I say again happy, shout it

Alright then

You know we brought the hoes clothes and money rolls to the table

No, fucking, doubt

It's time to manifest this

Shit we the flyest

Peace king

Peace king

Listen, if they wrote a book on your life


You think anybody'll read it?

No fucking doubt!

imprisoned by
The past we've brought along
It's just you and me
One ship in the night
There are no boundaries
There is no end in sight

mediators, pyramids, mathematicians
As it ends, the enochians, alchemists, black magicians, physicists
Say, no.
Say, we don?t know.

Ghosts arise from
the blood shed 
End at once 
Is no doubt 
Life in limbo 
Is our home now 

Final stunt 
Will the blood shed 
End at once 
So glad you thought about it 
Sometimes we need to talk about it 
If there's a need please shout it 
I want there to be no doubt that 

It's an exercise in debauchery

You won't care about this later
When you're finished I'm sure
You need to figure things out
But your vision's a blur
doubt as the hunger grows
Make believe its like no one knows
Even if we turn more to most
We'll never satisfy the hungry ghost
And all of this
a sweet start 
We were living as one heart 
How did we end up in this epic fight? 
Like fire and water, opposites ignite 

Is it a love story or a dark
Cali? No doubt, baby

West, West, y'all, pile it on your plate
A little somethin' somethin' from the Golden State
Nah, we ain't like Kobe and Shaq