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As performed by
Tower of Power
{ Bass guitar intro }
Go and get it
With your good credit.
Go and get it
With your good credit.
You can
Don't want to be on no rooftop
Frying in the afternoon sun
Don't want to sit by no fountain
Listening to the man-made stream run
Just want
the Yorkshire Dales
Or cycling tours of the North of Wales
Unenvious of those flea bitten
On continental flings

A solitary life
A life of small horizons
Aye, the footmen are frantic in their indignation,
You see, "The Queen's took a taxi herself to the station!"
Where the porters, surprised by her
Annexed and acquiesced by that from which the pay check stems.
A coven of executives with a Wall Street witchcraft.
And what the personnel should
the place to be

We had no money so they got us in free
The first thing Dave the dead-end boss
Make us play Water Rats in Kings Cross
We played five
We've made you a cartoon 

By the time we're through remolding you
You won't even recognize your face
There's no end to the eager beavers
might be on your radio on every Sunday.
So listen what your DJ plays. (2x)
You-ROY will be gone by the end of the day
Michigan & Smiley in a different
She leaves home at eight, a little bit late
A little bit tired of it all, she unlocks the doors
And does so much more than what she gets credit for
here in this land, my heart is in Ireland.
The land of the old folks is calling to me."
Near a coal mine in Wales, by a roadside cafe,
A young girl
As this song begins, I have a knife in my back.
But by this song's end,
I'll shove the blade through your chest.
In respect to those, who don't
You make me feel like I am just a child!
Why do you end it?
Just give me credit! 
I'm just sitting on the shelf.
lets me use his credit cards
I wake up every morning with an attitude
'Cause all I think about you
And even though he buys me everything I need
on credit cards

Jump for joy, oh, jump for joy
Worlds end
Jump for joy, oh, jump for joy
Worlds end

Silence descends as I walk astray
God please, keep me
The coast is clear,
The coast is everywhere
I must have reached the end
Of the year of searching
For meanings in meaning..
The coast is clear.
Nameless makers
Who made it to the end
Millions of marks on papers
And credit in the wind

But living on

All I can say is
Because of another
There's a pink world
Comin' down
Yeah, there's a pink world
Comin' down
In a quite little village by the sea
I hear the calling and it calls for you
The coast is clear,
The coast is everywhere
I must have reached the end
Of the year of searching
For meanings in meaning..
The coast is clear.
of credit because, shit man, you can't even get by a parking ticket, man.
By the end of him getting a parking ticket, or traffic ticket, the cop would be
all means necessary, it's time to end the hypocrisy
What I call violence, I can't do, but your kind of violence is stopping me
By all means necessary,

but I've got my mirror,
And I've got my room.

I lost a candycane
Beneath the waves of cyberspace 
Behind the credits at the end
Of the saddest
till the end)
We still friends (side by side)
We'll be traveling (traveling along)
Spending all the money we ain't got
(well I know how that is)
no turn, must turn, stop
Get out the credit card honey, we're out of gas
Well now, all the cars placed end to end
Would reach to the moon and back
The credits roll, the camera pans,
And in the mist our hero stands,
He starts to speak then folds his hands in prayer.
An awkward pause, then
7 am
The garbage truck
Beeps as it backs up
And I start my day thinking about
What I've thrown away
Could I push rewind?
All the credits strewn