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Fast death, disenchanted by life
Marked by envy and scorn
Show to the world his mortal hate
Die with regret
There's no light and there's no air
the battle scorn 
Until the end fight on 

Enslaved to the war 
Brandish weapons proud 
Weak ones must fall 
Can you hear 
The roaring thunder

But rather try to love him all the more
Scorn not his simplicity
Oh no
Oh no

Only he knows how to face the future hopefully
Surrounded by
Hate for hate and Ruth for Ruth
Eye for eye and tooth for tooth
Scorn for scorn and smite for smite
Love for love and guile for guile

He who is
Kept warm by the light of the lantern
Lost sight of everything tonight
My presence blackens their pattern
A pock in the healthy and calm 

your own good
I am the storm
Sent to wake you from your dream
Show me your scorn
But you'll thank me in the end

These amenities are nice
Consumed by tongues ov fire
Burning like Phlegethon
Holy gardens reduced to ash
Extinguishing light ov hope
Bringing the end ov the days

rather try to love him all the more
Scorn not his simplicity

Oh no
Oh no

Only he knows how to face the future hopefully
Surrounded by despair
To see what lies beyond our sight 
The secrets robed in blackest night 
The things we dream but never see 
Caged and blinded by the Beast 

Forbidden fruits are the sweetest 
Your true messiah 
Is frightened by shadows 
As he tries to unwind 
Whispering ruins 
Irresistible illusions
by forces born from danger
Cleaning hands where virtues live on ice

In mother's scorn
Blood was born
A war unknown to us all

See the rays
Outgrown the big top
But still shadowed by a doubt
Acrobats deceive, deceive me
No safety net to help you out
Self-conscious discipline
There is a land not far from the ears of sound
The eyes of sight can't see
It's over the trees
You'll be there by tomorrow's breeze

few people get
invincible, sons of nobody we live for glory
God's bastards
We adore scorn!
Nocturnal beings satiated by hate untamed and savage larvas calling for mutation
With sore abuse and scorn.
How does that visage languish,
Which once was bright as morn.

What language shall i borrow
To thank thee dearest
The Scorn of Death's Kiss harsh
Against my skin
The flesh cold

My soul longs to be with thee
To dwell forever with the father

I've longed for this
My father promised me roses
My mother promised me thorns
My father taught me to use my mind
My mother taught me scorn
He touches me lightly with
from the mountains you fly it goes over and
Over again
Soon we will know when your armies they show and they
Fight by our side till the end yea.

the well
The black hole to hell
Its evil must never arise I can tell
Holy mission
Forever he's sworn
To protect our world from hatred and scorn
He will
Written by Bonnie Dodd - Charles Mitchell
Recorded by Hank Snow

If it's wrong to love you wrong I'll alway be
Though the world may scorn me darling
of the town

There's nothing like the scorn of a lover
It's a hurt that breaks heart, mind, and soul
He'll poison your life
With deception and lies
And leave
I awaken bloodshot and sore 
Another days heat another days scorn
I awaken bloodshot and sore 
Bruised and worn from the day before
Reluctantly I
her out from my tower
Reality focused through forbidden lenses
She owns enough of preciousness
A penalty given by the source

But I still have no
Images on the sidewalk 
Speak of dream's descent 
Washed away by the storms 
To graves of cynical lament 
Dirty canvases to call my own 
They laugh at you and scorn you too
What did I do to be so black and blue?

I'm white inside, but that don't help my case
'Cause I can't hide what is