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Curtains Up (Encore Version)

Still on?
Yo, is the mic on?
Check, check, check
Alright, let's do it
Let's go, come
One by one we light the candles of this show
One by one, enter the theatre of the primal birth
Silently watch the planetary curtain go down
knew his act was through
With no applause and no encores
Though the house was full
So bring the curtain down
Lay him in the ground
For he's gone
Even if it don't make sense
All the time give it time
And when the crowd becomes your burden
And you've early closed your curtains,
I'll wait by
Curtain calls
Followed by loud applause
And how patiently she waits for the final encore

He walks down the stairs
Such a sad affair
Life pours down into the neon heart (It's late at night)
Cement City is all a-spark (Yeah that's right)
The whores are loose and the dames are abroad
I am with freshman lp's 
One life to write one, two years to repeat 
Behind a curtain, uncertain if an encore's in store 
Tuck my shoulder like
that's why I give them an encore
Curtains opened, you see the people applaud feeling it
You can't figure out the formula so you're stealing it 
on the serpent
On act two, he tried to close curtain
But intermission I glimpsed and I clock more
Derelicts watch act three and the encore


	Individuals who
hip-hop babies, burpin' y'all
I'm on my motherfuckin thousandth curtain call
Won't go pop, but I burst the ball, I crash the party
When you hear J-Ro hit
wheels off his curtains.
I don't need no encore, no claps, no cheers,
The Game ain't over, this the beginning of my career,
The ending of yours,
Felon, fights behind me on the intersection
Sex and drugs my anthology on perfection
Dress superb admired by conspirists
Who wanna try me but ain't high
Of The Show!--

Everybody Wants And Loves An Encore!
Raise The Curtains Let 'Em Have Some More!
Take The Music From The Top, 
Give 'Em Everything You've Got!