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Making the rhythm and rhyme collide

Linkin Park [To Fade]
After the band has played "Waltzing Matilda",
They've torn down the streamers and left you alone;
And the car park's deserted and the weeds they're
A glass ravine / The low clouds which wink
The boughs burnt diesel and burning pig
Wide rutted streets
"666 Park Avenue", yells a big red sign
Similar to me familiar
County hound comin' to burn your whole city up
I catch ya up in the club
Empty the fifth on ya
You all know it's pussy
By Vivica
I own a mansion, but live in a house
A king-size bed, but I sleep on the couch
I'm Mr.Brightside, glass is half full
But my tank is half empty
Leave the Girl alone, leave alone!!!

There's a battle ragin' fueled by desperation, hatred and fear

Now the principal language
As the nighttime falls I creep through the dark
I check out the scenes in Fort Greene Park
Lost souls in empty memory lanes
No life to live and no goals to gain