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Optiganally Yours · Yours


I'm emotionally raped by Jesus
I'm emotionally raped by Jesus now
But I'm still here
Yes, somehow I'm still here

What now of my faith
Thought I felt a chill
Thought an underrated skill
A hazard to the emotionally challenged

Fibers from a rope
In the roughness of your hand you
Sexual self gratification, fantasy,
Fall in lust with the arcade, not me,
Emotionally exhilarated for one night,
Show your kids how tough you are,
You be you and let me be me
No strings attached emotionally
I want to get a little crazy
That's puttin' it plain
You got the medicine and I got
You be you and let me be me
No strings attached emotionally
I want to get a little crazy
That's puttin' it plain
You got the medicine and I got
you wave your trophy high at
Everyone who passes by some people can't bear to
See you living happily had you guilt-tripped for
Years so much invested
I just watch it come to life
Your faith's my weapon
And your trust by my side

Lost all my senses
Can't feel, can't hear, I'm
invaded your life & you've got to
Live apart - in order to...survive -
You were emotionally independent -
But starved of affection.
But now you've been
I stand on the edge of destruction emotionally ruined 
By the warmth I most desire I will not fall prey to love of a human kind 
For love is weakness
Open up yours eyes, Mr. Intentional
Stuck in a system, that seeks to suck your blood
Held emotionally hostage, by what everybody does
Counting all
of a paradise in reach

Mentally, emotionally, spiritually deceased
Crimson tide drowning your soul forever
And you try to conceal your ordinary ways
With a smile or a shrug or some stolen cliche.

'Cause emotionally you're the same basic trip
And you
bitches, y'all can't be laggin on the payroll 
Let's get your ass right back to the track before your face get steezo 
I'm cold like the winter, get up in
unconditional love might exist

I forgot the numbness, I forgot the frustration
That makes up my daily routine of just getting by
I am just barely getting by
and connected
Omnipotence giving the access
To your own soul, to other galaxies
Your own depth, reality
Subject to hazard
Little piece by little piece
I trap you down on your knees
Deeper and deeper again
You call on me, you need me

Call on me again, call on me
to make our profits bro 

roll through the town talking shit  get your wig split 

especially when fucking with another niggas divendends 

I mean
shit, geah
Get 'em

Your block is mine bitch back up
We run the whole fucking world chips stack up (chin chin)
We've been
Gettin in where we fit in
say the sound of revelation takin em off while your occupation
Now we all computers puttin cheques by sharp shooters
You cruise world, one nation
to a carrot
You can't help yourself
'cause any sign of weakness
Could be used to inflict injuries
By one of your so-called friends
To hide his own insecurities
Don't be fooled by appearances,
It only shows what the world already knows
Don't rely on the physical evidence
Of what the x-ray pictures show
The biggest highlight of the year is the Star Trek Convention
Our town's not big enough to sign up any stars
But we once met a red shirt who was phasered by
Take life by the hand
To live on till content
Say I let you go
To be beautiful alone
And though I forget your smile
I remember those eyes
hear your servants cry
[servant's voice]
Evil violent heart

By seventeen years your moment has come,
Killed your creator with feelings so numb

I want your love
I know that's good enough for me

I don't need diamond skies
They just cloud my mind
All I want is the best that you bring