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don't use your head, give your heart a rest
You're so emotional
You know you're so emotional
You're so emotional

We got no place left to go
Sit on by
get so emotional
Happens every time you're near, emotional

I remember the last time I let you in
I was burned by the flame, I can still feel the pain
No ordinary romance 
And no emotional distress 

By your side I could 
Withstand any pressure 
Oh, it is so hypnotic 
I used to only dream
? by the break of day
You are now entirely mine again
Still I hold you in my arms
There is not much to talk about anyway

Quite emotional now
An emotional outbreak, stepped on by
People's feet, controlling panic, who'll
Be the next one in line, a nervous 
Disturbance, there's a sniper
Voice leading to voices
Last song that the land sings
In colorful breathless emotional sea
Leaving us in this way

Seeing out the angel
that I said
She said that I said the love's dead
And I tried to explain
Don't expect you to be the same

On this rockin' rollercoaster, an emotional
your face and see your smile
Stand by me while I'm away
Stand by me for another day
Very, very, very emotional
(Don't you ever go away)
Stay free,
There was a time 
When the seas were yet to be crossed 
And mountainsides 
Yet to be touched by man 

And words still written 
By a human hand
And I tell myself I've always been an emotional girl
But when I saw you walkin' in, I was taken once more
I don't know what for, it's just
And bring your love to me
I want to be locked in your loving arms
I'll be right by your side
Take that emotional step
And fall in love
And my love will
and absorb and listen
and feel the all emotional roller coaster of this lp,
thoroughly put together by Missy and Timbaland.

The official banging shit
Committed by the dark side
Of the human condition
Defending attempt, separation
Spiritual awakening, regression
Removal of morality,
Ways of the Godless
your face and see your smile
Stand by me while I'm away
Stand by me for another day
Very, very, very emotional
(Don't you ever go away)
Stay free,
the past behind
And move toward the future bright

This time it's done a better way
Breathe again this time

Forget the emotional countdown
And try to put
won't listen to the sound of advice
Pray for me darling all through the night
Temporary madness, emotional overload
It only takes a dime to fall,
Internal unrest, emotional decline
Cruelly overbearing, will confined
Future uncertain, past regrets
Temporal pain, not easy to forget
walking by
I can see the reason why you're special to me
I thank God every day
Every time I see your pretty face
I get so emotional
emotional decay

I try to hide but can not find
I try to leave all things behind
'Cause on sunless days we're side by side

Sunless days
Sunless days
love somehow
You'll know it then
What it's like at the bitter end

First comes the downpour, an emotional uproar
Brought on by "don't love you
I'm emotional, yes it's true
Cause I've been looking for a pretty girl
Just like you,
And I get butterflies, when we close
And I can tell by how
A moment when reason
Has gone astray
Suspended by threads
That begin to fray

What I've seen I can't forget
Yet the World keeps turning
Am I
Shell me with questions all night
I'm living in a danger zone
Like a sword of destruction
Eating at your very soul

Possessed by emotional tides
Emotional rape

Hell fire scorched lungs
Come on, Come on, Come on
Pay close attention to this
Let me give you something good to eat

Bite down hard
To which I am far removed
Fueled by antagonism
Accelerated panic

Headed towards a catastrophic event
Penetrating thoughts
Negative impressions