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Deeper in sin sinks the assembly of fools

Though shalt not make graven images
Visiting evil in the land of the dust
Though shalt not have other
When all the bodies fall will they shun the light
And dust their feet on brittle stone
And all this time is wasted on an assembly line
To keep things
Consider this a distant early warning
The fires imminent
Pollution gathering dust particles
Funneling through smokestacks, airways, bandwidth
so I can find the secret key and free all the emcees
this planet spins on a thin axis
all axis passes won't help you to grasp the atmos'
I mean,
An active ten, laughing and slashing friends

Selling dust to kids is how I used to spend the day
'Cause I was only trying to live like Tim McVay
the chinese police
Here the dogs roll by?

Is this here they keep
The philostophers now,
With the rugs & the dust,
Where the books go to die?

How many yez got?
with the

Lyrical elixir, I be the victorious
And bless the mic so glorious
And go 'head and dust off your rust
I leave you stiff as a statue boy,
by Suede, vintage out
Cover my square, re-assemble my crooks for assembly
Make note of my mark, east-trace, slice and brace ox
All flam and flamboyant,