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givin up ass on the ave 
I be the honorable, like Elijah Muhammad, Farrakhan 
And all praises due when I run through tracks like a maraton 
They call
seeds, salutation from the missile plant
Quick to the hollow point, it ain't no olive branch
My low cal, four oh cal in the cardigan
Tempted by Satan,
that up
If it don't make money then you don't add up

House in the hills, thousands and mill's
Getting wild in the field with your spouse in Brazil
And we're taking cutbacks somebody gotta get dropped 

Capital investments by sequence automatic mechanical problem secure 
Space investor,
murders will occur
Cause I'm from killa kill adamsville right next door
Bowen homes and dixie hills, allen temple wildwood and plainville
figga, coochie licker, relationshipper
Damn right I'm wit' her twenty/four/five, she gettin' thicker
By the daily, as a child they couldn't fade me
hotels with marble floors
Private jets, Michael Jordan my plane is startin' to boardin'
Bank of America, versatile, make the teller smile
Cashin' four
come I haven't gone broke yet?
I tell 'em it's cause I'm the flyest backpacker ever
I'm flyer than Mos Def in a Drumpf tower surrounded by four chefs
Damn right, I'm wit' her 20, 4, 5, she gettin' thicker

By the daily, as a child they couldn't fade me
Brotha, my league's speakin' the truth,