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made you a slave and he gave you a bible
400 years gettin' our ass kicked
By so-called christians and catholics
But I watch 'em burn in a fire
disease and negative 
Read the book 'How to Eat to Live' 
By Elijah Muhammad, it's a brown paperback 
For anybody, either white or black 

See how many
to black roses

I've got a diamond desire
Gonna step into the blue fire
Touchin' your lips with my skin
I'm on another level (I can't let go)

So tell
soft and sexy lips, babe 
Queen in the black 
I love the way you move your body 

Queen in the black 
You know you are nothing less than royalty
there's whites, separated by the green
After five hundred years, think we play for the same team
Smokescreen, make the president a black guy
It ain't no
by Allah in the form of Farad
But later by the last true prophet of God
Elijah, Muhammad, a dominant black leader
Of The Lost/Found Asiatic Pack
of gettin' our ass kicked
By so called Christians an' Catholics
But I'm a watch 'em burn in the fire
See I'm a G, that's why I ain't in your choir

and hold her
Waiting and hoping that I will not be far behind her
Black eyes and red ruby lips excitement in her fingertips
Passion is there on her lips
One wore black 
One wore black 

The trail of tears is winding on
Many pass along the road
Dusty soldiers march along
As they file one by one
Necklace of blood droplets mix with your kiss
Immense oblivion waits upon your lips
Black candle wax dropping down upon your skin

nectar flowing from celestial teats
Lips of blood and fire gorging on the sacred feast
Bounty of the goddess offered by the avatar
White blood spills
In Orient where wise I was
To please the way I live
Come give the beggar chance at hand
His life is on his lip

Three score a thousand times
she's not happy now, and I
Don't feel anything
Her lips are moving
I am mesmerized 
By tiny lies
I'm watching as the shapes are drawing slowly from
the casket
And that's it, the end of the chapter
The beginnin of the next one
The resurrection, imperfection, after death come
The black son in the ghetto
Don't you leave me here
Don't you leave me here
Get my name stitched on your lips so you won't get hitched

Get back, get by
Get a room, give me

Lips of times of secret 
Murmur evil sprouts
Purges the redeemer

The angel of voices
Injected by silence
Last breath of nails
I'ma fall on be	
Can't see it

Well I'm a zebra y'all
("Half Puerto Rican, half black, but you don't speak Spanish")
Don't call me zebra y'all
from head to toe
The only record that she ever played
Was "just like a rolling stone"
We started talking by the candlelight
Her lips get closer
redneck devil is big business
So all season I'm up preyin
On black communities, is what I'm sayin
And y'all keepin me fat
All over America it's on like that
Elijah Mohammed 
That's a promise, creating them secrets be like amazing 
Everytime I touch the track I swing my axe and stake it 
Speed racing through
stands in the window
And screams that my first-born
Will surely be blind

She throws herself out to the black of the nightfall
She's parted her lips
Black and white was the question that so bothered him
He never asked, he was taught not to ask
But was on his lips as they buried him

and most still go chasin' "Waterfalls"
Excited by the night life, and the trifle streets
I recall the pictures of Elijah, starin' at me
Now we hustle with

We started talking by the candlelight
Her lips get closer to mine
We started dancing all around the room
Helped by a bottle of wine

Little somethin' for my godson Elijah and a little girl named Corinne

Some say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice
I say the darker