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The elephant's stompin', gorillas is jumpin'
The snakes full of venom, the wolves out and huntin'
In this concrete jungle, in this concrete jungle, woo
In this
Karrington, ice rock gritty
Carly doh on flowin tea flashers, Acapolco how my sign seen
Second to catch it
First I feel it when I peel it
In the hall wit my
Queen City USA I do my thing fellow,
Without the bling, Hello
Ayoo I'm drinving slowowww
Ch-ch Checkin out the flowowww
King tubby Dub style on my
What what what, what what, what what, what what
One two three, Mos Def and Talib Kweli
We came to rock it on to the tip-top
Best alliance in
left but to save my mind
They got more holes dug In the earth, oh my
The beat get abused like I rock a wife beater
Drinker, fired by the company
Orangutangin slangin, I'm hangin over the edge
I rock two 40 glocks, I call 'em Barney and Fred
I stay hungry like I'm only fed water and bread
The king
And you watch from your rock
And your heart beats fast as you watch their's stop

I will keep on loving
'Cos I believe in love
I don't mind dying
Max a golden butcher 
Last catapult standin' in a land of coke and hookers 
King cotton common, no problem for brick shawl lows, sock puppets
like the rain forest
So when I rocks again get oxygen get cameras on
No telling diverse curse selling I'm reversed like Hammer son
Mental capacity,
to the savage thing, that the battle king
does when I stab and swing, slice jupiter, slash saturns rings
splinter venus, then leave the man in the moon
wounded in