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now and darker by the hour
It only goes to show

That here it comes, here comes the weekend
And I'm on my own again
With a Saturday in the rain
they see is nothing
They just hear the echoes in the well
All they see is nothing
Silence of the sin, the echoes in the well

Stare deep into
the years of silence
Under polar ice caps miles down
You leave your echoes in the water
One white whale in all these oceans
One white whale.
Standing by the fire late at night a prisoner to this flame
The silence brings a chill no fire can warm too cold to explain

No sleep, no heat!
Head bowed in silence
Scarcely sane in mind
Strung out, internal violence
Confusion fills my time

Stare back at my face, neurotic eyes
echoes through the night
Where does my heart beat now
I can't live without
Without feeling it inside
Where do all the lonely hearts go

Candle in the water
Every shape of every word you say that breaks the silence of an ordinary day. 
Every look that seems to mystify, every single smile that spins me
held her trembling hand
Walkin' slowly how she'd never known a man
Livin' lonely in her cottage by the sea

When the mornin' came, her tears had changed
to talk to curse the silent sky
Like diamonds in the ground
We are waiting to be found
In silence we are bound
By the wailing wall of sound
Leading on now forever

I hear your voice
Echoes emptying on forever
Silence steals the night
Calling me back miles away
I hear screams, echoes of the dead
In the silence - screaming haunted by the dead
Listen they're calling me to join them

Rotting away I'm
Swimming through our live

Through worlds of every colors
Screaming their delight
Passing through a sudden silence
Single echoes died away
And after years in dark tunnels
He came to silence

There was nothing

He realized that the cheering cries of worship
Were but echoes of his
First light I walk into the kitchen
Dishes from the dinner last night
The silence grips me by the window
Waiting for the time to come
I wanted
follow alone 
Words as weapons without a sound 
Echoes dying unborn 

Until my last breath 
You'll never know 
Until you feel the silence 
When I am
Echoes of cannons, fading away, silence finally conquers
Field in red, consuming life, where death took command
Covered in remains of scattered
Well, the silence in this house
It echoes in this house
I pull myself together, say
"Today I will get out"
The world, it changed without me
Drifting towards the eternal bliss
Beckoned by beings superior
Colossal roar of silence deafens me

I disburden myself
Where am I bound?

My trappist
Silence disguised
I watch you
Show me the hurt
That haunts you
Would you despise the thrill
If all you hide were mine?

I can't hold on any
a disbeliever

Living in a world ruled by demons for
Breaking the pure wings of our angels who flee and conceal
They're damned to silence

Lore ends now

Now they
"It is the 21st century. The Final Experiment has failed. The final devastating war that
was foretold by the blind minstrel Ayreon has indeed come
That only echoes through the night
Where does my heart beat now
I can't live without
Without feeling it inside
Where do all the lonely hearts go
Watching winter pools take me to the sea
Carried by the wind sighing feeling free
On the beach alone seabirds circle there above me
Lonely winter

I know I must be leaving
As the sound of silence echoes round the room
I know I must be leaving
In the hope that one day we'll pull through
Triggered by those echoes in the distance
That used to hit me so hard
But when you lie by my side in peaceful dreams
Moonlight on your face