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Queen City USA I do my thing fellow,
Without the bling, Hello
Ayoo I'm drinving slowowww
Ch-ch Checkin out the flowowww
King tubby Dub style on my
of lost angels
They're living like they're kings and queens, from some royal age
But fortune and fame won't save you, when California
Is wiped out by
Chorus: P.R. Terrorist (9th Prince)

Yo yo, y'all niggas talk rubbish, we Wu-Tang publish
(Yall niggas try to dub this the Gods serving justice)
by the Abbot
Blood related king to King David's mighty men
I appear in the atmosphere like nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon
helium, xenon,
Bloody century is upon thee
Revolution, war and disease
Earthquake, the cities falling
Catastrophe will kill the east
There will be fire
Devastating earthquake

Heaven is still, raining fire at will
Heaven is still, raining fire at will

Seven trumpets
Seven angles
Seven trumpets
Then I Saw A Lamb Looking As If It Had Been Slain
Standing In The Centre Of The Throne
Encircled By The Four Living Creatures
And The Elders
He Had
it's finna get ugly

[Verse: King Jacob]
Yo, Vokal is so extreme
Strut up in the club wit the rest of the team
Thinking 'bout my dubs the compress
and the rumors
Got me thinkin' of this dub
By Timex Social Club

Yo, word to my momma
I'm high off the trauma
Whitey Ford gets deeper than subway trains
(After the smoke is done) Yo
Yeah (Tang-o-Phonics) yeah, what, what, who want to do it, what 
(Number one)
Slap fire outcha monkey ass niggas
fire out ya monkey ass niggas
(After the smoke is done) word up, big dick, motherfucking house
What up, bench press these cats
(Tang-o-Phonics number
the fake, clever moves you make
Earthquake, alcohol makes a fire go crazy
Till where nothing can faze me
Wonder could sing
Or Elvis was king, Hip Hop was on the scene

Nah meeeeen, go back like Hitchcocks' hairline
Taught Fred Estaire how to pop lock in my
'cause when I find youYou're marked by the 
So you're not a surviver/ So it's time to die, kiss ourselves good-bye/ The 
whole world