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the lions to sleep
Take a deep breath, stretch, kick off your footwear
Put on the tape of this record, but beware
Caution, warning, it's your decision
find out 
Is music propaganda -- should I boogie, Rock and Roll 

Or just an early warning system hitched up to my soul 
Am I observer or participant
of the woods came more robots by the dozens, 
Daddies, mommies, aunts, and uncles, grandmas, grandpas, and cousins? 
Whole robo-families, thirsting for blood.
(Show & A.G.)
	And Black Sheep

[ VERSE 1: A.G. ]
I drop facts over tracks that go ratatatat
Fuck the red, white & blue, I'm with
that mourn niggaz' moms
Shoot up clubs and destroy niggaz' vibes
Everybody running for their motherfucking lives
Tough club niggaz, we leave early, cock