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you, to see you, to see you)
What I see I spies
(Nice to see you, to see you, to see you)
The past was eagle-eyed
(To see you, nice to see you,
hawk who hovers
Hanging on the wind preying eagle eyed
Sit by the lantern watch as the years turn
Slowly bringing truth for every child to learn
Bulldogs, war eagle, green eyed gator that's barely legal

Sitting here at the Flora-Bama
Bout to open up a big old can of good times, unwind
Fall in and out
Rowing, ringing, cares a flinging
As we ride this boat of hide
All eagle-eyed and dignified
Down the river, across the great divide

Words beside
check two three

Was always taught that the root of evil
Is he who steals from the pocket of his people
Eagle eyed survive in the dark
Like an hawk-eyed eagle, we're cruising on our raid
Our dogged pride will never fade
Born free we're still sailing the seven stormy seas
No one
Who say...

They say the sun is flipped by hat tipped Private dicks 
Who lean like prey eyed eagles up-on classic looking lampposts
Lined with
the 8 spread, off at your face head,
Watch your face shead sorta like snake's shead,
I'm guerrilla, born lion hearted, ape bread,
Two minded, eagle