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em guerrilha
Foto no jornal
Cadeia nacional
Viola e canto ingĂȘnuo do caboclo
Caiu o santo do pau oco
Foge pro riacho
Foge que eu te acho assim
you'd swear the mixer had fleas 
She's the mutilator, music carnivore 
Spinderella rocks the records with a chainsaw 
You're still amazed by the way
Four-door swoosh made by Nike.
Drop-top jumpan suit, by Mike E.
Got to like my player,  I'm in it for the dough.
I'm in it for show, matter fact
That's right y'all, the K double-O L, K-E-I-T-H (South Bronx)
I'm in here, I'm a let you know (I started rappin')
I can tell you can't rap, look
On the down low it's only see double E
L-O, I flow, I flow, I'll let you know
When it's time to catch wreck I catch wreck like an old pro