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The floppy boot stomped down into the ground
The farmer screamed 'n blew the sky off the mountains
Eye sockets looked down on the chestbone
what's the point?
I sat right down and I built my joint
Flat caps they just pass me by
The dust pneumonia left me dry 

Talkin' gypsy market blues
shake me off, like the dust your boots are wearing
The leather's soft but I'm hard and fast
Makes me cough 'til I feel my lungs are tearing
I'll never
to the core
Go for the root
Brush off the dust when you find it
Now's the time to explore

Go for the root
It's the conflict between fact and meaning
a child waving goodbye
The driver put my old Hofner guitar in the boot with my rucksack
And off we went
" Vous etes Francais, monsieur? "
" Non, Anglais "
of the game
When ya hit the ground, get up, shake off the pain
That's a cowboy town

Someday when I die and my soul is called home
High on a white horse I'll
our hand
Country girls are ready to rock
We won't be stopping 'til the boots come off
Come on
'Cause it's on, yeah it's on tonight

They went from
of year
We missed the church bell's chime
It's harvest time

At a quarter to two I kick off my boots
In the laundry room,
We'll start it all over
Get your girl, kick it back, kick your boots off
Maybe wake up in somebody's hay loft
Hehe, if you know what I mean (I do)
We could park out there
Wanted to dispose of this and that
But curiosity had killed the cat
At this age no wonder it was read
But this was the fate that you were fed
wife Ethell,
A tree!
A tree! 

Billy was a mountain
Ethell was a tree
Growing off of his shoulder 

Billy was a mountain
Ethell was a tree
featuring Sir Menelik 

[Dr. Octagon] 

Your organic medical talk propels off my arms 

The atom bomb final Lionel Richie not couth for
Like a ulser in the belly of the beast stayin true to it
Since my home street days in the blue Buick
Niggas been fightin so long seem like I'm used
life support
And toward a crumb static ain't my sport
I swing to this, Serch swings to that
And as you noticed, they always wear hats
Boots and loops
Faded dreams and blue jeans
A Rangers cap with sweat rings
There's a hole in the sole of my favorite boots
Well I've been at it a long time
Like a ulser in the belly of the beast stayin true to it
Since my home street days in the blue Buick
Niggas been fightin so long seem like I'm used
"I'm trying, not to lose..." 
"I'm trying, not to lose my head..."

"I plan to tell you what it is later" 

Bet George and Bootsy, never had funk
Smokin' much Buddha and smokin' much boots
More updated on the hip-hop lingo
My favorite New York Knick was Hawthorne Wingo
Met a girl at a party and I gave
North and South 
I got my niggas The Top Guns here
We gonna sign this one off like this:

My life's been a great story in the ultimate war
Should I ill
a round-the-clock lyricist, I sleep in my work boots
It's a Thin Line Between Love and Hate
It's a thin line between the trigger and the finger of a thirty-eight
Regret it, nope, said it, yep
Listen to my big black boots as I step

Niggas had to break you off somethin', give bush a push
But your national guard ain't
a philostopher 'n see what he says!

Greggery stops at a gas station
And makes a mysterious phone

Is this the old loft
With the paint peelin' off it
With the muthafuckin BM drop, 325
By the way, me and my crew, we real live
Get absurd and hit a nigga with the bloody birds
Niggas can't fuck around
To prize, I'm a fortified blunt head just like a dread

You cant tess the champion sound, you gettin bucked down, 
Recognize my boot camp click, outta
[Chorus: Cappadonna]
Pain is love, that's what this nigga told me
I keep washin' my face with blunts and O.E
Mix coke with dust, still can hold me