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I Remain unphotographed yea. I don't exaggerate my intelligence.I might turn a broom into a tree but I'll never be one of them.
I fly, cause there's
And still like the dust, I'll rise. 
Does my happiness upset you? 
Why are you best with gloom cause I laugh, 
Like I've got an oil well pumpin' in my
dust is a must

I can't trust a cracker in a blue uniform
Stick a nigga like a Unicorn
Vaughn wicked, Lawrence Powell, foul
Cut his fuckin' throat and I
and pieces of math your quotes mean nothin 
To my knowledge the father never taught frontin
Just some mystery gods tryin to come aboard
But you're dissed by
for to kick the dust
And drink the king's health in the morning
From a soldier he leads a very fine life
He always is blessed with a charming young
and trying to (?)
Turn around the broom handle and trying to hold it
It's plenty dirt to be swept, and leaves to be raked
Now you need to leave from my
For this man made of stone
Please hold me and embrace my soul

Seduced by your glance
Overwhelmed and enchanted by you, baby
Well, when
Dueling cyclones jackknife
They got eyes for your wife and the blood that lives in her heart

Cast myself towards infinity
Trust me, I had my
Hotter than cayenne pepper, cuss, bust
Kickin' up dust is a must
I can't trust, a cracker in a blue uniform
Stick a nigga like a unicorn
Born, wicked,
number four 
Somewhere out west
I still live in this old house 
Where we were raised
On this red dirt road 
The county never paved
Now I watch my
that roll with me, whats up?
One more puff, I wanna touch

I wanna touch, wanna feel you
Can't ride without you by my side
I guess it's something
I'm Santa Claus down to Panama beach drunk in my underalls
Playing underwear volleyball with ya bra
I ain't bothered by your triple D's, not at all
game by fuckin' famous bitches
But it's all the same, it's just ex to the next

For sex or brain, misses or Mrs
Married or not, my game don't stop
Game maker 
I knock a white bitch and break her

[King T]
But Ice, Chronic got me bruising my brain 
But soothing my pain, I'm true to the game
Oh, me and my cousin, one Arthur McBride
As we went a-walkin' down by the seaside
Now mark what followed and what did betide
For it bein'
Until it met it's fate
One evening while it was in the studio
It was struck by the lyrical force of the big daddy Kane
So ashes to ashes,
to a tape by slayer
Parked in a parking lot behind burger king
Eatin a raw pack of chicken wings
With blood on my fingers I blast a CD by the staple
run from
I'm the king I do my things until my Kingdom Come!

Cause I'm
Rough and tough, cold huff and puff
Don't bluff the stuff, got enough
gonna keep you alive, you live through
Universal - love and respect go out to Guru

It's the gifted, his presence was so influential
Unlimited, that was
I'm the King of all Kings, I abide by no rules
And do what I do by any means (c'mon)
Call him necessary, the great visionary
Born extraordinary,
Beach, drunk, in my under-alls
Playin’ underwear volleyball with your broad
I ain’t bothered by you're triple D’s, not at all
Let me hold ’em up for ya
to rest
The bullet is sent by the king
Once again I'll tell you my friend
Don't trust anything you'll see "redrum" overdose
Telling no lies my trigger
stone-faced from the brothers
Ludicrous whining, meaning when the others
Stand by em, while they take the fall
The Beast' now lives in the Capitol
By the looks of everyone it’s been a long two weeks
Coming up on the business end of a good luck streak
Gave em hell in New York City headed down
And I'm alive and survive in a one room home
Never take a hand-me-down never dig a bone
I give and I live and I handle my own
Used to a peewee now I'm