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diddle dum
Skiddley-um-uh-die diddle dum-day

Let the grasses grow and the waters flow
In a free and easy way
Give me enough of the rare aul' stuff
make their way

Surprise speed and malice
The opposing break the surface hold ready

Will the killing veil love should the heroes play dumb
You see it dominate the six o'clock news
It's on the cover of your magazines
The television is a horror show
The paper reads like something by
may die 
Just to hear you that sees me through, oh what I'd give to re-live all the Indian Summers with you 

So many hearts have been broken (Dum
Beneath the surface sealed by the floors boarded up
Seal the lips of your voice with haste
And cower at the sounds as they make their way
Surprise speed
Crawling like a rat, scraping eyes out along the way.
Trying to be the first one to the end of the maze. You'll
always be a beggar, a waste. so
Mary, Mary, why you want to do me this way? 
I was dumb enough not to settle down when you wanted to 
Now I'm sittin' here going crazy trying
a two, a one, two, three, die

I press my face to the window
I ran my fingers through my hair
I watched my life go around in a circle
And I realized
you never look my way, Hey!
I'm licking down you darlin'
In every single way, Hey!
Your funny flow is foreign
And a green card's on the way
She began to frighten and I said "Boo!
Ah, don't be afraid ma'am it's only Johnny Dhu"

Die di die di diddle diddle dumb
Di die di die di diddle
calico blouse
She began to frighten and I said "Boo!
Ah, don't be afraid ma'am it's only Johnny Dhu."

Die di die di diddle diddle dum
Di die di die
that's that
Oh I, thought he was wack. Oh come come now
Why y'all so dumb now - hunt me or be hunted
I got three hundred and fifty-seven ways
To simmer
The gat's by your liver, your upper lip quiver
Get ready to die, tell God I said hi
And throw down some ice, for the nicest MC
Niggaz know the steelo,
asked him, sobbing through my tears.
"I did not die by plague or prison,
what really died is cynicism."

And then I said, "Awesome."
And he was like,
Pack a gat and my vest
Under my clothes when I dress
Here's hopin I die the way I lived,
Straight thuggin'
Huggin' my trigger for all them
Two times in
I've been struck dumb by a voice that
Speaks from deep
Beneath the endless water it's
Twice as clear as heaven
Twice as loud
Woke up this morning, wondered what planet I was on
On the cover of a Rolling Stone was another dumb young blonde
While the icons of our day all
Uh. Here it comes. 
Well, funky monkey's in the jungle tonight. 
They got two by two. Didn't get me right. 
They playing loudest baby. 
Rave on

Messiah come in a flat-head Ford
To the Kansas young and dumb and bored
Rock on

Adrenaline spills like blood that pours
Screamin' out
B-I, that's that, oh I, thought he was whack
Oh come come now, why y'all so dumb now
Hunt me or be hunted, three hundred and fifty-seven ways
These are your orders, seems like it's do it or die
So please read them closely
When you've learnt them be sure that you eat them up
Cause here they kitty come cum
Nigga we can dumb on your bitch ass
I ain't tripping caus I'm from the old school
And I never hesita to blast
and Figueroa 
Yeah, my house posted across from the store 
Just like that hit by the drive way and park in the back 
1986 fools is known to jack 
Around this
are simply too dumb to live
The old are weak and unclean
The ones in the middle, they also must die
Their ways are obtuse and obscene

Rap-a-lot mafia's murderous circle
We kill em done, go get your guns
None survive when I scream the die-die
It's the mister from the free time the dumb-dumb