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out 3rd Storee breaken out on that ??. Yes
Time to have some fun
There's a party around the corner 
And you can go if you wanna 
Step on by 
Itz gonna
always be mine
Did we crash and burn or make a wrong turn
Or run out of gasoline?
I lost you around 3rd gear and 17

In the blink of an eye high
the world will end

A 3rd had just been made and we were swimming in the water
Didn't know then was it a son was it a daughter.
And it occurred to me that
people cryin'
Second line, T-shirtin', feet hurtin' from all of that twerkin'

Calliope thug
3rd Ward Solja
Melphanine thug
3rd Ward Solja
swallow my pride

We're feeding the black hole
3RD from the sun
A spawn of this system
With a wish and a gun
Drain me bastards
Feed me with lies
the recordings I have made - try
Capo on 3rd or 4th fret
the job
Says he goin' to find blind spots
And he'll do it.

The 3rd planet is sure that they're being watched
By an eye in the sky that can't be
Awakening wonder
(Repeat Chorus after second verse, then go down to 3rd verse)
(Repeat Chorus after third verse)
Once I met a man who knew where he was
the 3rd degree
The 3rd to be urgen me, these niggas want to murbed me
They scared of the consequences comin' from my defenses

It ain't that expensive, have
Nice Nice Nice 

Kick 'em in the grill Pete! 
Verse One: Pete Nice 
Gas, past tense, made facially 
3rd Bass'll express, KMD 
Three blind mice
of skirt, kit for a victim
A three-stage pleasure on a principle
As I step and drop a syllable (yyyyo!)
A syllabus spoken by the 3rd on sss-swooin
the underground like the 3rd world, 
when they need new assets, 
new honest to prostitute a side and put on a shelf to use their songs
When they needed new
got me wicked  I don't play 

Niggaz got funk on the other side  and we spray 

We drive through the 3rd Ward Calliope Projects 

and drove
I feel for ya badly, baby girl just like daddy
(A 3rd Outlaw)
Shorty I lend my hand out ta help ya
Loss soul looking for shelter, on the late night
the same plan
There them b****es go
Civic '94, looking funny though
Open up the car door, funny smile
F*** 2 already, 3rd a** was heavy
"Nas this is
the same plan
There them bitches go
Civic '94, looking funny though
Open up the car door, funny smile
Fuck 2 already, 3rd ass was heavy
"Nas this is sherri,
initial perception quickens my heart rate
This dark place planet Earth orbits one star
Come from afar far away state of mind
Open up your 3rd eye Black
the rhyme-ass trickster or outcast
of intellect, I wreck shit with my own sect
The ace in the hole, I'm the Derelict of Dialect


[MC Serch]
3rd Bass, but not
When will you open up your eyes
By the time it's almost over you
Get up, get up, fight!

Announcing the birth of the new world order
and a pad

Aiiyo Meth what they look like (look like)
3rd LP nigga better be tight (be tight)
Don't forget where you come from, the hood
The highest professorship, my English etiquette
Compels me to not say it if I can't spell it bitch
My circularised 3rd Eye, sees all
Atlantis was surrounded by
pack, six degrees of separation
My evil 3rd eye blinks with no hesitation
Dustbags, spoonfuls of sugar help the medi
Go down smooth and steady, blowing
the jaws of the alien this time
(theyre open wide)
This is the end of your life

3rd verse
Theyre out to get you, theres demons closing in on every side
Thought process engaged

Completing composition but imperfect intuition
I orbit in position, gravitational suspension
Past the 3rd and 4th