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a billy
From an old French horn
And I kicked that mule
To the top of the tree
And I blew me a hole
'Bout the size of a kick drum
And I cut me a switch
Biffy on the drums and Dennis, you on the bass
When I count this off, ya'll give me a little Texas
Playboy type rhythm, okay
One, two,
a cousin creed
2 G's and a pound of weed (the bad seed)
That's my mindstate I ate cause my tape causes ear drum rapes
Rainy days wake my mind to a haze
about me
Drug dealers anonymous
Y’all think Uber’s the future, our cars been autonomous
Mules move the drums, take ‘em to different spots
We just call
40's till I'm forty ?
Truncatin drum loops with Pauly
On the SP-1200 and 1212 you feel it
Mission to create, matrimony and reveal it
It's love in
they're taking toll
If you've been bad, Lord, I bet you have

And you've not been hit by flying lead
You've not been hit by flying lead
You'd better