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as I fit him (he gon' get it)
Simple-minded motherfucker shouldn't have been there
They role is to kill him, Drag what's wrong with them?

on a drug an' I can't get off it
Blank out � rip a shank out
Treat you like Vietcong - hit you like the weed in a bong
Your pussy like a G-string
your fiction
That graffers came from broken homes with drug addictions
Get the picture it's a mixture of four ingredients
Kept alive by cats who truly
clinically insane, mentally deranged
Hangin from a string strangled by a chain
I guess all of the drugs have done a number on my brain, fuck it

they got the block locked
Like I can't sling drug raps and eat food
But I be the rudest, bad boy steppin gun totin
Shots lash out like a violent
interviewed by Teen Summit
My multi-topical written flows containing subjects that vary,
but still all relative like West Virginian's before they marry
I blind
and the law, and s***
And I'll probably get shot for being a wild n****
You'll probably get shot for being a foul n****
Let's talk about slugs and the drugs
and the law, and shit
And I'll probably get shot for being a wild nigga
You'll probably get shot for being a foul nigga
Let's talk about slugs and the drugs
dollar bills and drug deals by the mayor
Controls the people livin' legal

Sit back and chill, until time will reveal
Two thousand and one holy men with
I’m tryna surf through the sea
Can’t swim but I roll through the deep
You know, Twelvyy wrote the code to the streets
I do this shit for the G's
which pieces send smoke signals
No combing the ash, let the breeze sort it out
Boarded-out, that house I tore it down

When it all boils down there’s
the partition of God's religion
Become united by our bars and our common visions,
The "C" of Tranquility, what will it really be?
What does the future hold?
strong while Gz get your ride on
I been there and done that, no tellin
If I ever come back but if I do, I ain't scared of it
See some niggas call drug