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Real nigga hit ya district with the impact of a twista
Now clear the zone, rhyme down the phone lines and toss motor homes
My poems were found next
About to paint my fear bright glare not quite clear
Stay blinded to the light of possibilities
Think I heard the screams of those in my proximity
march and hold hands like M-L-K
The nigga in me like Malcolm little said 'all means necessary'
So by all means I'm armed and my weapons ready
I got my
through (?) ears
I kick it loud and clear
Make you whisper like those motherfucking temptations is out
Hey yea
I end careers
By the pier like pliers
come to no harm
By the way in the light we rest
While the evil is plinged in the darkside of the mooncrest
A.K.H.E.N.A.T.O.N. is a pro and
hands like MLK

The nigga in me like Malcolm Little said, "All means necessary"
So by all means, I'm armed and my weapon's ready
I got my lessons ready
your conscience ended up - whattup? (WHAT!!)
Aiyyo black men, you're dyin' by a dozen cousin
So all I do is walk away yo' Prince as if nothin' happened
things, couldn't find the words to explain
The only way to avoid stress is to get high, by drinking hennessey but I
But I can't get too high, cause I